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GRE test/TOEFL test

GRE test
About the GRE test
Test Pattern
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TOEFL test
About the TOEFL test
Test pattern
Must Know

Must know

How is the GRE test score reported?

The score range for the verbal as well as the Quantitative section is 200 to 800. No one gets less than 200 or more than 800 in each of these two sections. The Analytical writing score is a scaled score with the least score being zero and the maximum being six. Each of the two essays is rated "out of 6" and the average of the two is reflected on your GRE Score Report. In other words, if an examinee gets 5 in the issue essay and 6 in the argument task, the scorecard will show the average i.e., (5+6)/2 = 5.5. According to ETS, two independent evaluators evaluate each essay and if the score varies by more than 1 point, a third evaluator will adjudicate.

When can you take the GRE Computer Adaptive Test?

The GRE CAT can be taken at different centres across the country on any day - Monday through Saturday, except on national and some other holidays.

How to register for the GRE test

1) Candidates can book their slot for the GRE test on the internet itself. The website address is www.gre.org.

The website will have instructions on how to proceed and on how to pay.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • You must be ready with one test date and also another, backup date in case a slot is unavailable on the date of your choice.
  • You will need a valid international MasterCard or Visa card number and its expiry date.
  • If you do not possess any of these cards you can borrow someone else's card.
Before you finish registration do not forget to verify
  • The date of the test
  • Exact time of your alloted slot
  • Your test confirmation number
  • Your ID number (required for future queries, if any)
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking as well. While it is not obligatory, one can carry this information to the test centre on the day of the exam. It is sufficient if you note your test confirmation number and ID number to the test centre.

According to ETS, there are several "preferred forms of payments"

  • Credit card
         VISA, Master Card, or American Express (Discover and JCB cards may also be used for services      ordered directly from ETS - GRE test).
  • Money order / certified check
  • U.S. postal Money order
  • International Money order
  • UNESCO Coupons

    Fees as per ETS: -$160.00 for the GRE test. Please visit www.gre.org for the latest updates on the fees.

    Test Centres in India
    City Code
    Ahmedabad 8902
    Allahabad 8903
    Bangalore 8904
    Kolkata 8906
    Hyderabad 8908
    Chennai 8909
    Mumbai 8921
    New Delhi 8913

    If you do not desire to schedule an appointment online, you can request an International Test Scheduling form by sending a letter or fax to
    160-A, Seinor Plaza,
    3rd Floor,
    Gautam Nagar,
    Yusuf Sarai, Behind Indian Oil Building,
    New Delhi - 110049.

    The fax numbers are +91-11-26529741 / 26523266.

    After filling up the form you may mail, courier or fax the completed form by following the instructions given in it. After ETS receives your draft and filled-in form, you will be allotted a test date, time slot, location, test Confirmation number and ID number.

    For additional information ask for the GRE test information and Registration Bulletin from ETS.

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