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In order to face competition and come out with flying colours in an examination like CSAT, a student should have conceptual knowledge in each test area and should also develop a strategy to face the exam. For the successful implementation of the strategy, a student should have the right combination of knowledge, approach, and skill. The details of each of these is given below:

It’s the right combination of knowledge, approach, and skill which will help a candidate be perfectly ready for the exam.


A thorough understanding of the different concepts covered in the exam will help a candidate achieve a competitive score. It is imperative that a candidate is familiar with test areas, test pattern, difficulty level or the number of questions topic-wise.


A candidate needs to be equipped with different shortcuts and techniques to crack a competitive exam. Since these are time-bound exams, time becomes a critical factor. So it becomes imperative that a candidate is not just thoroughly knowledgeable in different test areas but is also equipped with different methods to solve a problem. A right approach will facilitate him get the right answer in the least possible time.


A right combination of knowledge and approach will help a candidate arrive at the right answer to a problem in the least possible time. The other dimensions which are also being tested in the exam are the selection of the right questions, the ability to perform under pressure and the ability to devise a strategy and act upon it when there are any surprises in the exam. Mere knowledge of different concepts or awareness of different methods to solve a problem is not enough unless it is adequately backed by thorough preparation under different scenarios to cover all the facets of the exam.

Therefore, for a candidate to come out with flying colours, he/she should be well equipped with Knowledge, Approach and Skill.

The study plan for seven test areas in CSAT-paper II can be divided into four Stages.

Stage 1:

A student should attend class regularly. He should solve all the problems discussed in class once  again, at home, with complete understanding of the concept.

Stage 2:

Apart from attending classes, the student should go through the concepts given in the Study Material, solve the examples first without referring to the solution and then refer to the solutions to compare his/her approach with that given in the solutions. After solving the examples, the student should solve all the problems given in the exercises. The emphasis in this stage of preparation should be on gaining complete knowledge of the basic concepts involved.

Stage 3:

A student should solve all the test papers. While solving the test papers he/she should keep a time target and focus on maximizing the net score, during this stage of preparation. He/she should develope his/her own strategy of dealing with the individual test papers. The emphasis in this stage must also be on identifying shortcomings in each area, if any, in terms of awareness of concepts and methods of solving.

Stage 4:

A student should take Mock CSATs and analyze the approach. These tests can be covered at the rate of about one or two tests per week. The main learning will be in tackling each section within an overall exam scenario, thus developing abilities to take on the real CSAT. The candidate should regularly discuss his/her mock performance with the faculty members and take their guidance.

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