Why is T.I.M.E. the best CAT Coaching institute in the country and in Hyderabad

It is a common misconception among many that all a good institute needs is a good faculty. While a good faculty is essential, one needs many more thing in addition to the good faculty to be able to crack an exam like the CAT.

Read on to understand what the various parameters are that are required for a student to do well in the CAT (not just the written exam, but also the 2nd phase – GWPI) – and how T.I.M.E. is focused on imparting the best of its efforts and resources to ensure that each of these parameters are extremely well taken care of.


  • Concepts Training – Helps you to develop basic knowledge for various areas of CAT. Basics are taught with the help of handouts and test papers in our study material.
  • This is followed by practice exercises, workshops, and detailed discussions
  • As you can see, we ensure that the material undergoes a very smooth ramping up of difficulty level to ensure that the students can follow the concepts without any difficulty.
  • Special assistance is given to non-maths students to help them improve their Quantitative ability skills through Quant foundation classes, Speed mathematics classes and personal doubt clarifying sessions.


  • Apart from getting their doubts cleared in the class, students can also discuss your performance and preparation plan with the faculty on an individual basis. They can also get their subject doubts clarified. Regular doubt clarifying sessions are conducted which will help the students stay ahead all through their preparation.


  • These sessions provide our students with an opportunity to interact one on one with senior faculty members and seek guidance pertaining to preparation tips, B-school selection, Exam selection, general guidance, and motivation etc.



    All CAT classroom students are given basic sessions on GD, WAT, and Personal Interviews. Students are introduced to the process, coverage of thee activities and are given the tips on how to do well in these.


    • Students shortlisted by various management institutes will be trained in the basics of Essay Writing.
    • They get to participate in many GDs to give them sufficient practice getting abundant guidance from our panel of experts. The mock GD sessions will cover all the types of GDs ( Knowledge-based topics, abstract topics, case study based GDs etc)
    • Mock interviews – Students get to face mock Interviews which are conducted by experts people with lot of experience (both industry experience and academic experience). These sessions simulate the actual interview experience and help the student pick up lot of learnings which will be very useful to crack the actual interviews.
    • Knowledge-based sessions on current topics – Our subject experts will provide extremely useful knowledge download sessions on all important GA topics.
    • Group exercise/Extempore - Some B-schools like Symbiosis Group, FMS etc conduct activities such as group exercise, extempore, group tasks etc, we train the students for these sessions as well.



In this very important seminar, we discuss strategies on how to maximize the CAT score. We will also be giving inputs on time management, how to identify areas of focus for preparation etc. A lot of preparation tips will also be shared.

B-school SELECTION Seminar

This session helps the students in deciding a list of exams to write and also a list of B-schools to apply to. We will guide the students on

  • Parameters to consider while selecting a list of B-schools to apply to
  • AIMCAT scores vs potential CAT percentile.
  • Sectoral vs regular MBA
  • How many B-schools to apply to?
  • How to finally make a list of B-schools to apply to?
  • FAQs and their answers


  1. Mid-Course Workshops (June) and End - Course Workshops (September-October)
  2. Important topics are grouped together and discussed in these classes which serve a
  3. Additional ‘Special’ workshop modules ( Basic and Advanced level )

These ‘Basic’ sessions focus on rebuilding understanding of concepts for those who have doubts in any areas. For those who are confident about their fundamentals, the ‘Advanced’ workshops serve to hone their concept application skills further, helping them further boost their scores.


A one-stop shop for all GWPI preparation need is provided to the students on their home pages. This section contains

Learning Corner

Links to interesting articles on the web will be updated twice a week till the day of CAT results.

  • Interview questions on academic subjects
  • Essay, GD/PI experiences from previous year students - feedback on the selection process at various B-schools (past GD or Essay topics, questions asked in the interview, etc.)
  • Essay, GD/PI experiences of current year students
  • Selection processed of top B-schools
  • Glossary (dictionary) of Economic Terms & External Sites

This module provides immense value to the student and is indispensable for a serious aspirant.


Regular chat sessions (twice a week) are conducted every month with subject matter experts from across India. These sessions conducted over a 90 min window on a range of topics like:

  • B-School selection
  • Last Minute Tips for various exams
  • Preparation tips for WAT/GD/PI
  • Preparation tips for CAT
  • Preparation tips for OMETs
  • How to convert your B-school interview call?

Students can clarify their doubts by participating in these sessions.


Most of the B-schools ask their interview shortlisted applicants to fill a GWPI form, which contains a lot of personality/career-related questions. In order to help our students in answering them correctly, we have developed a tool called B-school SOP guidance tool, using which our students can upload your SOP/other answers to us and we will review them and suggest changes and send it back.

We also have a tool which can use by students to seek help from us in selecting an appropriate list of B-schools to apply to. You can send the names of the B-schools that you are considering along with your academic background, reservation status, work ex details etc. We will revert to you with a list of B-schools that you should consider applying based on your AIMCAT scores. We will also answer any additional query you may have about B-schools or related to the admission process.


  • Post-Graduates (mostly MBAs) from premier institutes who have excellent mentoring skills, helping students understand even concepts very easily.
  • Almost all the faculty members have a lot of experience of successfully training students for CAT/OMETs.
  • We follow strict Faculty Selection Procedure & only candidates of good calibre will be selected


  • T.I.M.E. study material is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and the very best CAT/OMETs coaching material in the country.
  • Our material includes the latest models of questions from CAT/OMETs.
  • Every year we update our material with the latest pattern of CAT/OMETs


  • “MBA Education and Careers” is a monthly magazine which has information on CAT preparation, selection of management institutes, G.K., current affairs, economic terms, etc.
  • Indispensable for preparation of Interviews, OMETs. Contains plenty of articles by IIM Alumni.


  • Our library is well stocked with books and magazines in all the areas that CAT/OMETs test the students in.
  • With so many parameters to be taken care of, it is extremely important that students undertake their training with only an experienced campaigner like T.I.M.E. to make sure that they improve the chances of cracking the CAT. There are, unfortunately, a few who make the mistake of falling for some marketing blitz or those who think that self-study would do. As we have seen across the years, they do this, only to repent later, as one whole year goes down down the drain with substandard preparation.

    So, beware and make the right choice. Join T.I.M.E.