About CRT

The industry, especially IT, has seen stupendous growth during the last decade. It employed around five lakh employees in 1999 and today, it directly employs more than 40 lakh employees while indirect employment as more than 1.3 crores. Indian IT companies cater to more than 330 companies (out of Fortune 500 companies).

Every year, there is a requirement of more than 1 lakh graduates by Indian IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, CTS, HCL, Tech Mahindra, or NON-IT companies like Reliance, Tata Group or global giants like IBM, Accenture, HP etc. This requirement of IT/NON-IT companies can be fulfilled by two different methods. In the first method, companies can reach out to the vast pool of talent through advertisements in newspapers. In this method, the prospective candidates approach the companies. This method may be particularly useful, if the number of job vacancies is less. When the number of vacancies is high, this method is time consuming.

The other more proactive approach by the organization is to directly visit the campuses and recruit the candidates from those campuses. This method is referred to as Campus Recruitment. In this method, both the organizations and the prospective candidates come to a common platform. This common platform provides excellent opportunities to the companies to interact with the talented students who are ever enthusiastic and extremely motivated and who are willing to go that extra mile to prove themselves. For a student, this system provides a smooth path to enter the job market straight from the campuses.