Post GMAT Exam

The Admission Process at various B-Schools differs across the globe. But most B-Schools in the U.S. and India also consider other factors besides the GMAT score. These include academic background, duration and quality of work experience, etc. while taking admission decisions. Hence the application packet of a student applicant consists of:

  1. Academic transcripts: These refer to certified copies of the marks sheets and degree / provisional certificates acquired by the applicants. While awarding points for the aspirants' GPA / Marks, admissions officers also take into account factors such as the quality of the scores and the institutes attended.
  2. Work experience certificates: Several international B-schools have a minimum requirement when it comes to work experience. Though no school requires a particular type, the schools do expect the applicants to have understood the importance of working in groups & under diverse conditions. The applicants are expected to exhibit maturity and intellectual ability.
  3. Essays / Statement of Purpose: Most of the top B-schools require applicants to write 3 to 5 essays on various subjects, such as their short-term and long-term goals, their significant life experiences, the reason for pursuing MBA, the reason for doing an MBA program at that particular B-School, the reason for an MBA at that particular time in their careers, etc.
  4. Recommendation letters: Every school requires recommendation letters to be sent by the applicants' seniors at work and / or professors who have taught the applicants.
  5. Official TOEFL®iBT scores: While a score above 90 is considered acceptable in many schools, the reputed ones expect scores of 100 and above.
  6. Financial documents: All B-schools in the US require that the applicants furnish proof of financial sources and availability of finances sufficient to fund their education and living expenses.