All about the GRE Test

The Shorter GRE:- GRE test has come out with a shorter version, which will be 1hr 58mins long as compared to the 4-hour long earlier version. The changes are only in the exam pattern, not in the academic content. The new version has 1 essay in the Analytical writing section instead of 2, and has fewer Verbal & Quantitative Reasoning questions. The scaled score remains the same.

Section Number of Questions Time
Analytical Writing Section 1 Essay task (Issue based) 30 mins
Verbal Reasoning Section 1 12 questions 18 mins
Verbal Reasoning Section 2 15 questions 23 mins
Quantitative Reasoning section 1 12 questions 21 mins
Quantitative Reasoning section 2 15 questions 26mins
The shorter edition does not contain unscored or research questions.
  • On-screen calculator will be provided for the Quantitative Reasoning section.
  • The computer-based GRE®Test allows the candidate to freely move forward and backward throughout an entire section to change or edit responses or even skip questions and come back to them later.
  • The test allows the candidate to edit or change answers, skip questions and more, all within a section.
  • Preview and Review" capabilities exist within a section.
  • There is a "Mark and Review" feature to tag questions, so one can skip and return later.
The GRE® Test is a section-level adaptive test i.e. the level of difficulty of the second section (Quantitative Reasoning or Verbal Reasoning) will depend on the candidate's overall performance on the corresponding first section.
However, within each section, all questions contribute equally to the final score.