T.I.M.E.'s Offerings for MAT

The Distance Learning Course is aimed at students who prefer to prepare on their own since self-study is more effective when supplemented by a series of tests in a simulated environment, followed by regular analysis of performance. This helps students gauge their progress, in comparison with students all over the country, at each stage of their preparation.

The following are the course components for MAT Distance Learning Course

Study Material Booklets

These are booklets catering to each of the three test areas. The material designed will help build your speed and accuracy consistently over a period of time.

Sectional Tests

You can test yourself with the tests on different topics that we have provided in our material. The test papers provided should be taken at periodic intervals. These will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for improvement. This is extremely important in confidence building. However, after every test, you have to analyze where you require putting in effort (in which areas and in what type of problems).

Online Mock Tests

These mock tests are designed keeping in mind the latest pattern of the exams. They give you sufficient practice and help you assess your time management skills. Candidates have the convenience to view the detailed answer descriptions later and analyse their performance on that basis. They also give you a feel of the testing environment.

All India Mock Tests

The AIMTs work as a platform to assess your preparation on a pan-India level as they are comparative performance indicators. The candidate can compare his/her scores with those of other test takers across the country. These All India Mock Tests are provided in Non-Invigilated mode, you can take the AIMTs from your place at your convenience, you need not visit any T.I.M.E. centre to take the tests.

Online Variants
  • Study Material Ebooks - 10
  • Online Sectional Tests - 70 Tests
  • Online Mock Tests - 15 Tests

Actual Fee: 3,950

Offer Price: 2,950

(Including GST)

Limited period offer
  • Study Material Ebooks - 10
  • Online Sectional Tests - 50 Tests
  • Online Mock Tests - 10 Tests

Actual Fee: 2,950

Offer Price: 1,950

(Including GST)

Limited period offer

*The above variants are valid for one year

There is a provision to get Study Materials in the Printed format with an additional price of Rs 1000/- above the mentioned prices.Students will get access to study material in both online and offline (print) format.