Jhansi - Career Counseling Session for BIET Students - 24th February

Venue : BIET Campus

Date : 24th February

Timings : 2:30 to 5:00 pm

Dear Student

Greetings from T.I.M.E. !!!.

Attend Free Seminar on all different career opportunities that the students can opt for after their graduation and free Aptitude class on that day.

These three hours will give you a thorough understanding of what all to consider as your career option to excel in your life.

You would also get to know how to distinguish good MBA institutes from not-so-good-ones and what is the value an MBA degree from a good institute can offer. We will also expose you to the study methodology required to be followed to crack CAT.

Please use the Registration Form shown on the side of the screen to reserve your seat for this programme.

Small steps lead to big changes and sometimes small steps in the right direction may end up as the biggest step of our lives.

Let's start small! Welcome to the Seminar