Analysis & Answer Keys: CDS (FEB 2016)

Defence Services (FEB 2016) -ENGLISH was a 2 hr exam, in which the number of questions was 120. The paper consisted of 8 categories of questions which included cloze test, error identification,sentence improvement, sentence formation, reading comprehension, synonyms, para formation and fill in the blanks. The cloze test comprised 20 questions with 3 options. The error identification section had 15 questions with 4 blanks, there were 20 questions in the sentence improvement section,the sentence formation comprised 15 questions with 4 blanks which were quite easy. There were 6 passages of 100-175 words each. The number of questions were not evenly distributed. There were a total of 21 questions in the six passages. There were different topics covered in the passages. There were 2 narratives, 2 philosophical, 1 on science and technology and 1 story based. The synonym section had 9 questions with 4 blanks, the para- formation section had 10 questions with 4 blanks. There were six sentences of which the introductory and conclusive sentences were fixed and the other 4 sentences were jumbled. Finally, there were 10 fill in the blanks with 4 options. Overall the paper was easy to moderate difficulty level. A net score of 75+ (out of a maximum possible 120) is considered a good score. The table below gives the answer key for each of the 120 qs in the paper.

Question Number Question Type Key Words of the question ANSWER KEY (B Series)
1 Selecting Words I was engaged in many activities and I wanted a proper reconciliation b
2 Selecting Words Action folly a
3 Selecting Words Of course we ....act on some impulse c
4 Selecting Words or......urge. b
5 Selecting Words If suddenly you throw....brick at me... c
6 Selecting Words and my ...goes up in front a
7 Selecting Words to.....stimulate myself c
8 Selecting Words it is an automatic .action b
9 Selecting Words and not a result of .deliberate thought c
10 Selecting Words Our living is..... b
11 Selecting Words by a series of automatic...from morning b
12 Selecting Words outside that a
13 Selecting Words common range of ..however c
14 Selecting Words has to be .by some measure b
15 Selecting Words of thinking c
16 SelectingWords .more action and thought are.... b
17 Selecting Words ...and integrated a
18 Selecting Words the more effective....become c
19 Selecting Words be no....between a wish to do b
20 Selecting Words to do something......and to act a
21 Spotting Errors This hardly won freedom should not be lost so soon a
22 Spotting Errors I tried to meet the person b
23 Spotting Errors We looked after the thief.. a
24 Spotting Errors I hoped that the train will arrive on time b
25 Spotting Errors Their all belongings were lost a
26 Spotting Errors He was in the temper and refused to discuss a
27 Spotting Errors The decorations in your house are similar to this c
28 Spotting Errors Despite of the increase in airfares, most people still prefer a
29 Spotting Errors He told the boys that iof they worked hard, they will c
30 Spotting Errors I shall write to you when I shall reach Chennai c
31 Spotting Errors Neither of these two documents support your claim b
32 Spotting Errors He is school teacher, but all his sons a
33 Spotting Errors His grandfather had told him to smoke b
34 Spotting Errors My book, which I gave it to you yesterday b
35 Spotting Errors I am entirely agreeing with you, but I regret a
36 Sentence Improvement The police accused him for theft c
37 Sentence Improvement He wanted that I left immediately b
38 Sentence Improvement This is to certify that I know Mr. J Mathews c
39 Sentence Improvement They took away everything that belonged to him d
40 Sentence Improvement I was the mother of the girl of whose voice a
41 Sentence Improvement The Executive Council is consisted of a
42 Sentence Improvement The maid was laying the table d
43 Sentence Improvement We have so arranged the matters and one of us a
44 Sentence Improvement Hardly have we got into the forest when it began b
45 Sentence Improvement Each time he felt tired he lied down c
46 Sentence Improvement Though it was raining, but I went out b
47 Sentence Improvement There is no chance of success unless you do not work a
48 Sentence Improvement She has grown too old to to do little b
49 Sentence Improvement No one enjoys to deceive his family a
50 Sentence Improvement Have you ever saw the flower of a pumpkin plant ? c
51 Sentence Improvement It is an ancient, historical place and it once belongs to the a
52 Sentence Improvement Since we were knowing the coirrect route a
53 Sentence Improvement Our country can progress when only c
54 Sentence Improvement Wake me up when father will come a
55 Sentence Improvement Do take an umbrella with you lest you do not get wet a
56 Ordering of words in a senetnce that it would affect the investigation process c
57 Ordering of words in a senetnce that he already has buying things b
58 Ordering of words in a senetnce the police commissioner rushed the crowd c
59 Ordering of words in a senetnce my brother to attend his friend's wedding d
60 Ordering of words in a senetnce quickly he gave orders to catch the thief b
61 Ordering of words in a senetnce to give a definition if I were I would begin a
62 Ordering of words in a senetnce deserve all honour in society in doing their job well men of conscience a
63 Ordering of words in a senetnce while some live to eat and drink a
64 Ordering of words in a senetnce I believed then that no matter one should always d
65 Ordering of words in a senetnce I wonder whenever I decide to go to the cinema with my scooter c
66 Ordering of words in a senetnce The bird catcher by means of snares knew all the birds b
67 Ordering of words in a senetnce Man is a biological being his physical d
68 Ordering of words in a senetnce A gang of robbers while they were fast asleep entered a
69 Ordering of words in a senetnce The opposition members the ruling of the Speaker d
70 Ordering of words in a senetnce When a boy saved her by a speeding car c
71 Comprehension (Passage 1) -174 words The writer belives that b
72 Comprehension (Passage 1) -174 words With reference to the passage, which is correct b
73 Comprehension (Passage 1) -174 words The writer says that if he was writing a book on hedgehogs b
74 Comprehension (Passage 1) -174 words The writer is of the opinion b
75 Comprehension (Passage 1) -174 words A dogmatic statement c
76 Comprehension (Passage 2) The man could not buy the handkerchiefs d
77 Comprehension (Passage 2) When he tried to take out the purse d
78 Comprehension (Passage 3) The opening of the passage suggests that a
79 Comprehension (Passage 3) When he perceived through the shadows b
80 Comprehension (Passage 3) The person in the story a
81 Comprehension (Passage 4) According to the author, people think that real progress lies in a
82 Comprehension (Passage 4) According to the author, science and technology should be b
83 Comprehension (Passage 4) From the passage one gathers that the Eastern people must c
84 Comprehension (Passage 4) According to the author, science and technology are d
85 Comprehension (Passage 5) Sums up the meaning a
86 Comprehension (Passage 5) Which is true about the passage b
87 Comprehension (Passage 5) ..labour turns out at six and with busy pen and ringing a
88 Comprehension (Passage 6) -116 words The purpose of the exact sciences is to d
89 Comprehension (Passage 6) -116 words An exact theory of the universe is d
90 Comprehension (Passage 6) -116 words In exact sciences a
91 Comprehension (Passage 6) -116 words Classical mechanics d
92 Synonyms Ambiguous c
93 Synonyms Elucidate a
94 Synonyms Monotonous a
95 Synonyms Kindle b
96 Synonyms Palatial d
97 Synonyms Tactful a
98 Synonyms Voracious b
99 Synonyms Stricture d
100 Synonyms Obeisance a
101 Ordering of sentences S1: Once upon a time there was a king who had a wonderfully c
102 Ordering of sentences S1: One of the first things the learning of a new language d
103 Ordering of sentences S1: For seventeen years she led b
104 Ordering of sentences S1: Good memory is so common that we regard.... b
105 Ordering of sentences S1: Human ways of life have steadily a
106 Ordering of sentences S1: In our youth we are apt to think that applause d
107 Ordering of sentences S1: My office sent an urgent email... b
108 Ordering of sentences S1: Wordsworth knew the behavious of owls in the night a
109 Ordering of sentences S1: Science has already conferred b
110 Ordering of sentences S1: The young traveller gazed out into d
111 Fill in the blanks The mounting pressure b
112 Fill in the blanks Authority....when it is not c
113 Fill in the blanks In a developing country like India some industries will have to be d
114 Fill in the blanks Gandhiji conceived a
115 Fill in the blanks Because of his.....habits, he could a
116 Fill in the blanks Socrates was....of spreading discontent c
117 Fill in the blanks The robbers felt....amongst themselves a
118 Fill in the blanks A really sophisticated b
119 Fill in the blanks Speeding and blocking are traffic d
120 Fill in the blanks Creative people are often... a

The test area of General Knowledge (for CDS -Feb 2016) had a total of 120 qs with maximum possible marks being 100. The time limit was 120 minutes. Each question carried equal mark while the negative marking was 0.33 of the marks assigned to the question. The paper was extremely difficult. The difficulty level also got compounded as about 40 qs (out of 120 qs) were given in the form such that the question was followed by 2 to 4 statements and a candidate has to identify all possible correct statements/incorrect statements. A net score of 30+ (out of a maximum possible 100 marks) would be considered to be a very good score The table below gives the split of the number of qs area wise.



Q.No Area/Topic/Question Type Key Words of the question ANSWER KEY (B Series)
1 Indian Polity (Yojanas) Shishu,Kishor, Tarun (Schemes) b
2 Indian Polity President, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Deputy Speaker d
3 Indian Polity Second Administrative Reforms Commission (2005) a
4 Indian Polity (Constitution) Writ of Prohibition a
5 History (ancient) Samudragupta, Prayag Prashasti b
6 Indian Polity Kamandaka's Nitisara c
7 History Lilavati of Bhaskara a
8 Economics Production Possibility Frontier (PPF), Pareto Efficiency, Allocative Efficiency c
9 Indian Polity (Foreign Relations) First summit for India Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) b
10 Indian Polity Island Nation which went for Parliamentary elections (2015) c
11 GK-Current Affairs Nation which faced economic crisis in 2015 b
12 Indian Polity Which PM defeated by a vote of NO Confidence a
13 Indian Polity Rajya Sabha, legislative powers, All India Services, max strength is 250 a
14 Indian Polity President, Emergency, dissolving Rajya Sabha, Anglo Indian Community b
15 History Followers of Gorakhnath a
16 Science (Biology) Good Cholestrol, HDL, LDL a
17 Science (Biology) Matching of Vitamin and disease, Rickets, Beri Beri, Scurvy b
18 Science (Physics) Rate of change of Momentum c
19 Science (Physics) Hot sunny day, water is sprinkled on roof top, specific heat capacity d
20 Geography Map given, production of cash crops a
21 Geography Pir Panjal Range in Himalayas c
22 Geography Laterite Soils, Tapioca, Cashew nuts c
23 Geography Mediterranean Climate, Monsoon Climate c
24 Science (Physics) Handle of Pressure cooker being plastic, Terylene d
25 Science (Chemistry) Methyl Isocyanate Gas d
26 Science (Biology) Germplasm, genetic Resources, b
27 Science (Biology) Dengue Virus d
28 Science (Physics) SI unit of Mechanical Power b
29 Science (Physics) Thermal Equilibrium c
30 Science (Chemistry) German Silver c
31 Indian Polity President of India, Council of Ministers, proposals for legislation d
32 Indian Polity Protection of rights of Divorce b
33 History Vijayanagar Empire, Virupaksha, Hindu Suratrana d
34 History (Medieval) Iqta in medieval India b
35 History (ancient) Paintings in Akbar's Court c
36 Indian Economy Public Good a
37 Indian Polity Second Five year Plan c
38 Indian Polity National Policy for Children d
39 Indian Polity Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan, POSCO Act 2012 a
40 Indian Polity Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) a
41 Indian Polity Preventive Detention, Article 22 c
42 Indian Polity Member of Parliament (How does he become disquallified to comtiue) d
43 Indian Polity Eighth Schedule a
44 History Hazara Rama, Temple c
45 History (ancient) Votive Inscriptions in 2nd century BC a
46 Science (Biology) Molecule in Glucose a
47 Science (Biology) Protoplasm b
48 GK-Prizes Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize a
49 Sciecne (Physics) Myopic person with power of -1.25. Find power of lens d
50 Sciecne (Physics) latent heat of melting of ice c
51 Science (Biology) Hormone containing Peptide chain d
52 Science (Chemistry) Example of Chemical change a
53 Geography Cause of long term sea level change d
54 Geography tributary of Brahmaputra a
55 Geography Reason for which deflection of wind in southern hemisphere d
56 Geography Eye of the cyclone a
57 Science (Chemistry) Acid Rain, Burning of Sulphur, Eutrophication a
58 Science (Physics) Bar Magnet c
59 Science (Chemistry) Hydrogen, isotope, Lightest element c
60 Science (Chemistry) Atoms (Mass numbers, neutrons, protons) d
61 History 12 states of Sikh Confederacy a
62 Indian Polity Article 44, High Court, Supreme Court a
63 Economics Examples of transfer Payments c
64 Current Affairs (Aug 2015) Bomb blast at Erawan Shrine b
65 Current Affairs (Sport-2015) Badminton Championship (Finals) b
66 Indian Polity Articles/Schedules dealing with Autonomous District Councils c
67 Indian Polity UID, Aadhar Card b
68 Indian Polity CAG a
69 Indian Polity Human Development Report c
70 History Gupta Rulers c
71 History Agrahara a
72 Indian Polity Scheduled tribes and Other traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 d
73 Current Affairs (Sports-2015) US Open Mixed Doubles Tennis c
74 Current Affairs (Prize -2015) World Food Prize c
75 Indian Polity Rarest of Rare Principle -dealth penalty a
76 History Abhinavagupta, Tantraloka, Kula, trika, Samaraichchakaha by Haribhadra Suri c
77 Indian Economy Near Money, treasury Bill d
78 Indian Economy Dumping, Hedging, Discounting, Deflating b
79 Awards & Honours CitizenFour, 87th Academy Award winner c
80 Indian Economy Railway Budget (2015-16) c
81 GK Indian Post -Money Order, Telegram, Postal Life Insurance b
82 Indian Polity "Overseas Citizens of India" d
83 Indian Polity Right to Education, Name of the Act a
84 History Inscriptions on the pillar of Rummindei, Nigalisagar, Konagamana Stupa b
85 Indian Polity/History Creation of Province of Assam, Lieutenant governorship of Bengal c
86 History Faxian, Gaoseng Faxian Zhuan c
87 Indian Economy Progressive Tax, Principle of Taxation, Indirect Taxes c
88 Indian Economy Wage Boards, Second National Commission on Labour b
89 GK-Defence Equivalence of Rank of Major General in Indian Army b
90 GK-Satellites Communication, Navigation, Earth Observation, Jupiter Orbiter Satellites d
91 Indian Economy Chemical Industry, Dyestuff sector, Textile Sector d
92 Geography India's Scientific and Research Mission in Antarctica d
93 Science (Chemistry) Synthetic Rubber, Natural Rubber d
94 Sciecne (Physics) distance of wall from the person, given the time for echo and speed of sound c
95 Geography Decreasing order of the heights of hill stations (from mean sea level) a
96 History (Modern India) Hind Swaraj a
97 Indian Polity Constitutional Bodies, National Commission for Scheduled tribes, National Commission for Women a
98 GK Bandung Conference on Afro Asian Resurgence (1955) d
99 History Harappan Culture a
100 History Kailasanatha temple at Ellora and Shore Temple at Mamallapuram b
101 History Rajput Paintings, Ragas and Raginis, Deeds of Hamza, deeds of Babur c
102 Indian Polity Five Year Plan b
103 Economics Philips Curve, NAIRU, unemployment & Inflation c
104 GK-International Events Members of Eurasia Economic Nation d
105 GK-International Events BRICS summit c
106 Science (Biology) Sterols, Stigmasterol, ergosterol, sitosterol a
107 GK-International Events MoU on International Cooperation on Brahmaputra and Sutluj Rivers b
108 GK-Railways Railway Zones c
109 Geography Stalactites and Stalagmites c
110 Geography Increasing order of the size of the planets b
111 Science (Biology) Artifical Insemination c
112 Science (Biology) GM crops, DNA, RNA d
113 Science (Physics) Factors on which Speed of sound depends d
114 Science (Physics) Sound waves, Longitudinal waves, Ultrasonic b
115 Science (Biology) Vitamin, Blood Clotting d
116 Science (Biology) Vitamin B12 Deficiency (Metal ion in B12) c
117 Geography Location of Coal and Ferrous group of Minerals c
118 GK Location of Mahatma Gandhi National Maritime Park d
119 Geography Perihelion, Aphelion c
120 Geography Island of Volcanic Origin b

CDS - FEB 2016 (MATHS) was a 2 hr test paper. It was conducted after the test areas of ENGLISH (2 hrs) and GK (2 hrs). MATHS comprised 100 questions with maximum possible marks as 100. For any wrong answer marked, 0.33 marks was deducted. Geometry & Mensuration commanded the maximum number of questions (31 in number). In most of the questions, multiple concepts were merged. One need to have excellent command over various concepts to be able to get to the answer for such questions correctly. The paper, overall, was difficult. A net score in excess of 40 (out of a maximum possible 100 marks) is considered to be a very good score. The table below gives the topic wise distribution of the questions.

S No TOPIC Number of questions Level of Difficulty

TOTAL 100 Difficult


Q Topic/Question Type Key Words of the question ANSWER KEY (B Series)
1 Numbers/Equations 61/19 as a function of (x, y, z). find z. c
2 Mensuration Circular path formed from two concentric circular rings such that the area of pathway is "n" times the area of smaller ring c
3 Geometry Sum of the interior/exterior angles of a polygon d
4 Geometry Regular polygon with exterior angle being 70 degrees b
5 Geometry Two traingles PXY and PQR -Similarity d
6 Geometry transversal intersecting four parallel lines a
7 Geometry Shortest distance b
8 Geometry triangles ABC, BED, ADC (where D is the midpoint of BC and E is the midpoint of AD) c
9 Geometry/Mensuration A circle divided into 3 portions b
10 Quadratic Equation X-y given and relation between sqroot (x/y)(to find xy) d
11 Geometry Right angled triangle ABC (such that P and Q are points on AC and BC respectively) c
12 Geometry triangle ABC given, compute one of the angles b
13 Geometry ABC as an equilateral triangle and XYZ another triangle c
14 Geometry P and Q are parallel lines (to find angles x, y, z) d
15 Graph (Inequality) Find the linear inequations for the shaded area such that 5x-2y=10 and 2x+6y=21 a
16 Time & Work (Pipes and Cisterns) Pipes A and B as inlet pipes while Pipe C as an outlet pipe. a
17 Time & Distance (Race) 1000 m race such that A beats B by 100 m or 10 seconds.. a
18 Percentage Salary increased by 10%... c
19 Geometry Radius of the circle given arc length as 100 m for angle 36 degrees c
20 Geometry Two poles at P & Q on either side of the road.. c
21 Geometry Chords AB and CD of a circle intersect at point P.. b
22 Geometry ABC and ADE are two triangles with AB of unit length c
23 Geometry Rhombus formed by joining the midpoints of sides of a rectangle b
24 Geometry each interior angle is 140 degrees. Find the number of vertices b
25 Geometry Question followed by two statements (Assertion & Reason) c
26 Geometry Number of rounds that a wheel of diameter 7/11 metre d
27 Geometry The base of an isosceles triangle is 300 units c
28 Geometry Four equal discs are placed such that each one touches two others... d
29 Geometry ABC and DEF are similar triangles. Ratio of side AB to DE given.... c
30 Geometry A tangent is drawn from external point O to a circle of radius 3 units... c
31 Statistics (Pie Chart) 135 degrees representing 21960 votes b
32 Statistics Mean and Median of 5 observations... a
33 Statistics Age distribution of 40 children, frequency distribution b
34 Statistics AM, , GM, Median c
35 Statistics AM, GM, HM, Median c
36 Logarithm Compute the value of 1/5log.... b
37 trigonometry tan(?) + cot (?) = ...... c
38 Indices/Surds Simplify (243 +647)2..... c
39 Inequalities a, b(negative real numbers) and c as a positive real number....Identify true statements.. d
40 Mensuration A circle divided into 3 portions ... cost of levelling the shaded region at rate of Rs 63 per square metre.. c
41 Quadratic Equation roots in ratio p:q... a
42 Quadratic Equation equation has alpha and beta as roots a
43 Quadratic Equation (p/x +q/y =m), (q/x + p/y =n) c
44 Equation find (x/(a+x) + (y/(b+y).... c
45 Quadratic Equation Two quadratic equations have a common root... d
46 Indices/Surds 2x3 - 6x -5 a
47 HCF of Polynomial HCF of two expressions.. b
48 Equation (s-a) +(s-b)+ (s-c) b
49 Polynomial (Remainder Theorem) value of p (square) ... c
50 Quadratic Equation (x-m) and (x-km) are factors of A(x), where m is a non zer integer... b
51 Polynomial Let m be a non zero integer... a
52 Indices/Surds 4^x2^y..... (value of x+y).. b
53 Quadratic Equation linear factors a
54 Quadratic Equation Bx^2 -ax-b a
55 Polynomial A3 =117 + b3..... (find a+b)... a
56 Quadratic Equation One of the roots is the square of the other.. c
57 Numbers N=90*42*324*55.... is divisible by 3^m. b
58 Ratio, Proportion, Variation A bike consuming 20ml of petrol per km, if it is driven at a speed in the range of 25-50 km/hr.. d
59 Numbers real, rational, irrational, natural numbers (properties) b
60 Polynomial (Remainder Theorem) for what value of k is (x+1) a factor of d
61 trigonometry Cosx = 2^(m+1) d
62 Inequalities Solution set for (1+1/x +...) d
63 Inequalities P(5, -1), Q(3, -2) and R(1, 1)... c
64 Time & Distance A passenger train takes 1hr less for a journey of 120 km... d
65 Equation Situation when two equaltions lead to no solution (3x-ky-20)=0 and (6x-10y+40)=0. c
66 Numbers (LCM, HCF) LCM, HCF c
67 Equation Ages of three brothers (taken two at a time)... b
68 Clocks Interchanging of hour & minute hand (4 pm and 5 pm) a
69 Venn diagram 100 people, 70 can speak Hindi, 60 English.. a
70 Percentage A cloth merchant... c
71 Geometry Square inscribed in a right angled triangle... c
72 trigonometry (x/a-y/btan d
73 trigonometry Identities c
74 trigonometry p=cot? + tan?... b
75 Height & Distance Given angle of elevation of tower c
76 trigonometry two values of angle b
77 trigonometry A-b =90 degrees d
78 trigonometry 3-tan^2? b
79 Miscellaneous Five lines, no two are parallel..maximum number of points of intersection... c
80 Geometry Question (related to Circle) followed by 3 statements.. a
81 Geometry/Locus Question followed by 3 statements.. d
82 Geometry Question (related to circle) followed by 2 statements.. c
83 Natural numbers M & n are distinct natural numbers b
84 Clocks each meeting takes place after 13/4 hours.. b
85 Percentage expenses as 20,000, out of which 8000 is on education... b
86 Quadratic Equation Sum of the roots is equal to sum of the squares of their reciprocals a
87 Numbers s =n*(n+1)/2 (Question followed by 2 statements a
88 Numbers Two non zero a
89 Ratio, Proportion A/b = b/c =c/d a
90 Numbers Divisibility Rule d
91 Numbers/Equations A two digit number is k times the sum of its digits c
92 Time & Distance A man walking at 5 km/hr noticed that a 225 m long train c
93 trigonometry Simplification c
94 Time & Distance A cyclist moves non-stop from A to B c
95 Simple Interest, Compound Interest If a sum of money at a certain rate of simple interest c
96 Geometry Assertion & Reason d
97 Ratio Annual Incomes of two persons are in the ratio of 9:7 a
98 Numbers Let S be a set of first 14 natural numbers. The possible number of pairs b
99 Clocks A clock strikes once at 1 o' clock... c
100 Geometry In a circle of radius 2 units, a diameter AB.... b