All India - Free All India Mock CAT - 8th August 2020

Venue : All India

Date : 8th August 2020

Timings : Online as per booked Slot

Dear Student

Greetings from T.I.M.E. !!!.

Welcome to the world of AIMCATs! You get an opportunity to try out a free sample of the most trusted mock CATs - the All India Mock CATs. All you need to do is to fill up the Registration Form given below and book your slot, and you would be all set to take the AIMCAT.

The AIMCATs simulate a number of variations that CAT 2020 could come up with and thereby help you get acquainted with CAT. In-depth and personalised test analysis will be accessible to students on the Student Home Page after the test results are declared. This will help you assess your performance. The AIMCAT series helps you to build concepts, evaluate progress, identify strengths and weaknesses and thereby enabling you to prepare efficient test strategies.

A Free AIMCAT is scheduled for 8th August (Saturday) for the benefit of people who want to experience the AIMCATs and understand their performance levels. This Free AIMCAT is available in the non invigilated mode which means that you can write the test from the safety of your home/location.

Attractive discounts (on CAT 20/21 courses, AIMCAT packages) will be available for students based on their performance in this Free AIMCAT. 

We strongly recommend you make the best use of these tests! Here's wishing you all the very best for the AIMCATs and beyond!