CAT 2023 Analysis and Inputs by T.I.M.E.



Welcome to T.I.M.E.'s CAT day analysis. This will be your one-stop shop for all CAT 23 exam related information. You will get to know how the test went in each of the slots, its difficulty level, topics/areas covered, and possible cutoffs through the feedback we gather from our students and have it  analysed by our experts.

Read on to know the host of extremely useful and important features that we have lined up for you on the CAT day/CAT week. CAT day turns into CAT week as the response sheets are expected to be released by the CAT authorities within a week of the CAT and that is when the anxiety hits its peak

CAT 23 Written & Video Analysis

Our experts who have been tracking the CAT for over three decades now will provide a detailed analysis of each slot of the CAT based on the feedback from students who have written the test. This delves into the difficulty level of the slots, comparision of the difficulty levels with the previous CATs, topics/areas covered, and also, most importantly, the possible cutoffs scores for various percentiles. This will be extremely helpful to you to understand your performance and peg your anxiety down.

CAT 23 Score Calculator

Once the CAT authorities release the candidate response sheets and the official key, this is where you will be able to upload your response sheet and immediately get your exact sectional and total scores and also be able to get a comparative idea of where you stand with respect to other students who would also have input their scores.

CAT 2023 Percentile Predictor:

Given the actual scores that you get in CAT2023, based on your response sheet and the official key released, we will provide you with a highly reliable prediction of your expected sectional as well as overall percentiles. This prediction will be based on our expert understanding of the CAT normalisation and scaling process. These predicted percentiles will provide you with a very useful estimate of your performance and help you plan your next course of action, regarding other exams to write or the specific b-schools to which you would want to apply.

IIM and Top B-School Call Predictor:

Within a couple of days of receiving your CAT response sheets and the official key, and once we provide you with your predicted percentiles, we will also provide you with the IIM and Top B-School Call Predictor, which will tell of about your chances of getting a call from each of the IIMs and the other Top B-Schools in the country. This will help you get a fair idea of your performance and help you decide your next course of action.