GMAT Class Structure
Class Topic Handout
Intro Intro to the GMAT, B-School Programs PPT Online
SC-1 SC-1: Overview SCHO1921301
PS+DS Basics Numbers + DS Basics PSHO1921301 + DSHO1921101
ERPV Equations (incl. simple Quadratic), Ratio, Proportion, Variation PSHO1921302
CR-1 CR-Basics-1: Intro to C.R. CRHO1921301
CR-2 CR-Basics-2: Overview of GMAT C.R. Q. Types CRHO1921302+ Verbal Review
PPL Percentages, Profit & Loss, SI/CI PSHO1921303
SC-2 SC-2: Nouns, Pronouns & Phrases SCHO1921302 + SCRT1921301 + Verbal Review
RC-1 RC-Basics RCHO1921301 + Verbal Review
SC-3 SC-3: Verbs & Tenses SCHO1921303 + SCRT1921302 + Verbal Review
MOD & INEQ Modulus & Inequalities PSHO1921304
SC-4 SC-4: Adj, Adv, Clauses & Comparatives SCHO1921304 + SCRT1921303 + Verbal Review
DSPE-2 DSPE-2: Numbers, Modulus, Inequalities DSPE1921102
CRPE-1 CRPE-1: Conclusions & Inferences CRPE1921301+ Verbal Review
RCPE-1 RCPE – 1 RCPE1921301+ Verbal Review
TD & TW Time, Speed, Distance, Work PSHO1921305
CRPE-2 CRPE-2: Assumptions CRPE1921302+ Verbal Review
GEO & MENS Geometry & Mensuration PSHO1921306
SC-5 SC-5: Agreement SCHO1921105 + SCRT1921304 + Verbal Review
RCPE-2 RCPE – 2 RCPE1921302+ Verbal Review
DSPE-3 DSPE-3: T&W, T&D, Geo, Mensuration DSPE1921103
CRPE-3 CRPE-3: Strengthen & Weaken CRPE1921303+ Verbal Review
AWA-1 AWA-1 (Intro, Analysis & Strategy) AWHO1921301
AWA-2 AWA-2 (Writing Strategy) AWHO1921302 + AWHO1921303 (AW Common Errors – Online practice on SHP)
RCPE-3 RCPE – 3 RCPE1921303+ Verbal Review
CRPE-4 CRPE-4: Logical Flaw,Paradox,Parallel Reasoning CRPE1921304+ Verbal Review
IR-1 Two-Part Analysis (Verbal) IRHO1921301
SC-6 SC-6: Parallelism SCHO1921106 + SCRT1921305 + Verbal Review
FNS, GRAPHS & CG Functions, Graphs & CG PSHO1921307
IR-2 Graphical Interpretation IRHO1921302
SETS & VENN DIAG Sets & Venn Diagram PSHO1921308
SC-7 SC-7: Modifiers, Constructions SCHO1921107 + SCRT1921306 + Verbal Review
IR-3 Table Analysis IRHO1921303
DSPE-4 DSPE-4: CG, Functions, Graphs and Sets DSPE1921104
CRPE-5 CRPE-5: Para Completion & Bold Face CRPE1921305+ Verbal Review
AWPE -1 AWPE -1 AWPE1921301
STATS/PROG/DI Statistics, Averages, Mixtures, Progressions, D.I. PSHO1921309
SC-8 SC-8: Idiom, Diction SCHO1921108 +SCRT1921307
P&C, PROB Permutations, Combinations & Probability PSHO1921310
IR-4 Two-Part Analysis (Quant + L.R.) IRHO1921304
SC-9 SC-9: Redundancy & Concise structure SCHO1921109+ SCRT1921308
RCT-1 RCT – 1 (In-class discussion) & RCT - 2 (Take-home) RCT1921301 + RCT1921302 + Verbal Review
DSPE-5 DSPE-5: Stats, AP/ GP, P&C,Probability, DSPE1921105
IR-5 Multi-Source Reasoning IRHO1921305
AWPE-2 AWPE -2 AWPE1921302
CR Test CR Test-1 (In-class discussion) & CR Test-2 (Take-home): All C.R. Types CRPT1921301+ CRPT1921302
SCRT-1 & SCRT-2 SCRT-1 & SCRT-2: All Areas SCRT1921309,SCRT1921310+ Verbal Review
DS Revision DS: Revision (All Areas) DSPE1921106
SCRT-3 & SCRT-4 SCRT-3 & SCRT-4: All Areas SCRT1921311,SCRT1921312+ Verbal Review
IR-6 I.R. Revision WORKSHOP Handout IRHO1921306