JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 2 Preliminary Analysis

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper2 was held on 21st May, 2017 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. There were 10 versions for the paper -ranging from 0 to 9. All the versions had the subjects in the same order - Physics, Chemistry followed by Mathematics. The pattern of questions and the mark distribution were exactly the same across the three subjects. There were three sections in each subject and the pattern of these sections are as given below.

Section1 of each subject was of 'Single Correct Multiple Choice Questions' type. There were 7 questions. +3 marks will be given for the correct response and -1 will be given if the response is wrong. Total marks available in this section is 21.

Section2 of each subject was of 'Multiple Correct Type' with seven questions. +4 will be given if only the bubbles corresponding to all the correct options are darkened. +1 marks will be given to each correct option provided no incorrect option is darkened. No negative marking in case no bubbles are marked. In all other cases, -2 will be given. Total marks available is 28 here.

Section3 was 'Comprehension Based' questions. There were two Paragraphs with two questions each. All the four questions were of 'Single Answer Multiple Choice Question' type. +3 marks will be given for correct response with no negative marking. 12 marks is available in this section.

Thus paper2 carried a total of 61 marks per subject and hence 183 marks in total. Paper1 also carried 183 marks. Thus the JEE Advanced 2017 is out of 366.

Key and Solution for JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 2 - Will be uploaded soon