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General Terms and Conditions

Instalment money: Any amount/s due should be paid by the student before the due date/s mentioned, failing which the student's name will be removed from the roll and he/she will not be entitled to attend any more classes or access any course material from the date of such default. Access to the Student Home Page will be blocked till the payment of any overdue amount.

Fee refund: Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. We will, also, not be responsible for any changes in the eligibility criteria for the exams that we are teaching/training for. We will not be able to refund any money in the case of any person finding himself/herself ineligible after joining the course.

Change of batch: Change of batch is normally not allowed. Under exceptional circumstances,the director may at his sole discretion, permit change of batch after charging a Batch Change Fee as applicable.

Missed AIMCATs: For those who miss writing the AIMCATs in the scheduled test window, such tests will be made available in October.

Time limit for AIMCATs: It is strongly recommended that AIMCATs are taken in one sitting. This will help the students in building stamina, both physical and mental, to take the actual test. To ensure that this happens without any issues, we strongly suggest that the students book a time slot that would be disturbance-free, have power backup and have reliable internet connectivity to cover the test duration. Please note that the test engine will auto-submit the test 30 minutes after the stipulated test duration, once the test is started.

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The Director,
T.I.M.E., Secunderabad.

I have read the above rules and regulations, a copy of which has been given/shown to me. I thank you for enrolling me as a student for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. I will abide by the rules and regulations of the institute. I understand that in all the issues pertaining to the course, the decision of the director is final.

Since I am a bonafide student of T.I.M.E., T.I.M.E. will be entitled to take credit for my success in all entrance exams that I am going to write in future and for the other courses enrolled with T.I.M.E.. This includes national level exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP etc. as well as the state-level entrances like ICET of A.P./Telangana, CET of Maharashtra etc.

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