T.I.M.E.'s Offerings for CLAT

AIM NLAT Test Series

With NLSIU Bangalore pulling out of CLAT 2020 at the last minute and deciding to conduct their own entrance exam - NLAT UG 2020, many of you would be worrying about the necessary preparation needed to crack the test.

Worry not when you have T.I.M.E. by your side!

T.I.M.E., the national leader in aptitude training, sensed the urgency and immediately launched a Mini Test Series for NLAT, which also includes AILET and new pattern CLAT mocks.

The mock tests are designed along the lines of the sample questions and paper format shared by NLSIU-Bangalore. Our Test Engine will give you the closest feel to the actual exam. The mocks will also give the necessary boost to your preparation in terms of the application of the concepts learnt and aim to provide maximum benefit to your preparation.

Do not leave your career to chance!

We strongly recommend that you grab this wonderful opportunity and experience the finest and the closest of the mocks to the actual exams.

Following is the distribution of various mock tests in the package

  1. NLAT - 2
  2. CLAT (New pattern) - 5
  3. AILET - 3

Mock Test Dates:

Mock Description Date
NLAT – 1 7th September
NLAT – 2 10th September
CLAT – 1 Available on enrollment
CLAT – 2 11th September
CLAT – 3 13th September
CLAT – 4 15th September
CLAT – 5 18th September
AILET – 1 Available on enrollment
AILET – 2 14th September
AILET – 3 17th September

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All the best!

Team T.I.M.E.