GATE Coaching in Delhi

T.I.M.E. 4 GATE Delhi center offers comprehensive classroom coaching for GATE/ESE (duration: 600+ hours for GATE & 1100+ hours for ESE). This includes total syllabus coverage for GATE/ESE including additional PSU’s that you don partake in GATE and offers employment separately. The training pedagogy for classroom training is perfect blend of theory discussions and relevant problem solving, in our endeavor to provide a high amount of practice questions we offer comprehensive study material (including question banks for GATE/ESE/PSU’s), a dedicated student home page and a national level test series all of which are aimed to provide the student with novel questions that is relevant to the examination. In addition to the classroom training at Delhi entails heavy focus on doubt classes (A dedicated doubt class is taken on every 2 weeks apart from providing dedicated doubt sessions on student requests), subject workshops and offline tests to facilitate adequate learning.

Course offering: The entire academic syllabus for GATE is covered in 600 hours, and ESE syllabi is covered in 1100 hours with comprehensive study materials, Questions supplements in the form of Handouts and Daily practice papers.

Personalized Attention: Batch sizes in GATE classroom training are restricted to 50 students per batch to ensure a very high student to faculty ratio which tends to play a key role in providing the learning atmosphere to facilitate a very high amount of inter teacher-student interaction. Small batch sizes gives the much needed personalized attention to each and every student to make the classroom training highly effective (doubt redressal being one of the most common features of the same apart from many other value add on’s )

Daily Practice Papers: DPP question sets (set of 20 questions covering the basic as well as advanced relevant theoretical and numerical problems based on the topics covered in a particular class) are provided at the end of every class for practice acting as a revision for the topics discussed in a class. All the DPPs are discussed in the next class therby ensuring proper doubt addressal before starting a new topic.

Dedicated Doubt Classes: The doubt classes are provided by full time senior knowledge experts from T.I.M.E. Delhi and dedicated classes are conducted bi-weekly (throughout the duration of the course) apart from conducting doubt classes based on student requests on a very prompt basis (turnaround time for doubt redressal is 24 hours). Also to ensure healthy doubt redressals and increased teacher student interaction (dedicated google groups and other forums are made to ensure that dynamic redressal is taken place between students and teachers)

Individual Attention and Doubt Sessions: To root out the recursive doubts, we provide multiple personalized doubt sessions with the top notch faculties. Further to facilitate personalized solution and enhance the learning efficiency, regular Study Guidance Sessions are provided on individual basis as each student is different in terms of learning ability, academic standards, classroom learning and academic performance, and each has his/her own in learning.

Online Test Series: The online test series is designed keeping complete compatibility with the current trend of the examinations (T.I.M.E. has a dedicated academic team which closely monitors the examination trends which act as a very strong baseline while developing high quality questions every year keeping all the exam parameters intact. Hence the overall standard of the question in the test series resembles that of the questions in GATE, thereby facilitating the students with an opportunity to identify their pattern of errors/weakness, hence giving an opportunity to students to rectify the same for better performance in the actual examination. In order to observe comprehensive and orderly learning, additional checkpoints like topic-wise test and subject-wise are provided as a part of test series in addition to full syllabus test. Video solutions of select questions (usually of higher level of difficulty) are provided by Senior/Chief Knowledge Experts in addition to the detailed solution provided for every test with step-by-step explanation to ensure complete understanding of the question asked in the test. Comprehensive test analysis on various factors like All India Rank, score, percentile, test wise performance, cut off analysis etc. are provided for self-evaluation of the students.

Additional Workshops and Support for PSUs: We provide technical workshops encompassing the comprehensive trends, tips and hacks for every subject that is covered for GATE/ESE/PSU thus helping the student to develop a more solid approach towards the examination. Additional workshops and classes are also offered for PSU’s (like DMRC) who do not partake in GATE examination and offer employment on the basis of their own examination.

Ranks: We have been producing ranks consistently in top 10 and 100 for various streams in GATE/PSU’s from our classroom programme and all India test series (AIMGATE)

Interview Guidance: We provide expert guidance and training to excel in jobs/institutions as this component carries significant weightage do final selection in the prestigious PSUs and Institutions.