IIT Foundation @ T.I.M.E.


About T.I.M.E.'s IIT/NEET Foundation Program:

T.I.M.E. 's IIT/NEET Foundation program helps students in building strong fundamentals in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Equal emphasis will be given in honing the application, analytical and problem-solving skills of the students through well designed exercises in these subjects. With strong conceptual clarity and subject maturity developed through our training, the students will excel in their School/Board exams and in all competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads etc. They will have a clear edge over their peers when they appear for any of the entrance exams seeking admissions into the coveted institutes. Classes on Reasoning Aptitude are included in the program to improve the analytical skills of the students at an early age. The top-notch faculty, the well-designed curriculum, the quality material, 27 years of long-standing experience of the organization in training over 20 lakh students will give your child the much-needed advantage while taking the first steps towards their career.

Features of the Online LIVE Program:

  • The online LIVE IIT/NEET Foundation program by T.I.M.E. is designed for students of classes 6th to 10th
  • All the classes of Maths, Physics and Chemistry are provided in the Live interactive mode.
  • The online classes are very similar to the classroom programs.
  • The Basics class consists of detailed explanation of the concepts with several examples that give the student a complete grip on the subject.
  • Students are guided to work out the exercises provided at the end of each subtopic which build the various skill levels – comprehension, understanding, application, etc.
  • The exercises are taken up for detailed discussion pertaining to the questions testing various aspects: Knowledge, Understanding, Applications etc.
  • The entire study material of the course covering the concepts, examples, exercises and solutions will be provided in the form of e-books.
  • Online tests are provided to help the students test their fundamentals from time to time. This will also help them to enhance their preparation for both School/Board and other competitive exams.
  • Dedicated Student Home Page (SHP) will be provided to access the video lectures, e-Books and online tests.
  • All the above features can also be accessed through the TIME4IITF app.
  • Our dedicated faculty members and our coordinators will be constantly be interacting with the students to mentor and groom them.
  • Regular Live interactive sessions are provided for the students to clarify their doubts .
  • Students can also clarify their doubts through emails/chat/telegram groups.
  • The complete IIT/NEET Foundation online program can be accessed on laptop or smart phones.