MAH-MBA/MMS CET Offerings by T.I.M.E.

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T.I.M.E , the national leader, offers top class training in Management courses. This programme provides most intensive and comprehensive class room training sessions and exclusively designed to train & prepare the student to target for MH-CET in best institutes in Maharashtra.

  • Study material: Every year, T.I.M.E. revises its study material and guides its students to take the right approach to succeed in the Exam. The Research and Development team at T.I.M.E which has top class faculty members with more than 20 years of experience prepares the study material. The study material consists of the following:
    1. Study Material Booklets:In these booklets the basic concepts of each topic of the subject are given with examples. These are followed by exercises.
    2. Handouts:The handouts are discussed in the classroom to impart the basic knowledge of the subject to the students.
    3. Test papers:The test papers are prepared with questions covering all the basic concepts. Tests are provided both in paper based and online mode. Paper based tests are conducted in the classroom, while the online tests can be taken at home. The tests are useful to the students for practice
    4. Mock Test Papers:The Mock test papers consist of questions from all the test areas. These tests are prepared to give the students the real feel of the exam.
  • Classroom coaching: The classroom coaching has three modules – Basic Module, Individual Test Papers, workshops and full length Mock Test Papers.
    1. Basic Module: In this module, the basic concepts are taught to the students. The classes are designed such that the teaching of the concepts progresses from the absolute basic level to the level of MAH-CET.
    2. Individual Test Papers: Once the basic concepts are taught, individual test papers are conducted at the end of each chapter/topic. The tests are followed by the discussions on the paper in the classroom. These sessions help to reinforce the concepts that have already been discussed.
    3. Workshops: Workshops help students pay more attention to the recent models of questions and revision of basic concepts once again.
    4. Full Length Mock Papers: These tests are conducted on the completion of the entire syllabus. The test papers are followed by discussions with the faculty members. Various strategies and methods of successfully approaching the exam are discussed.