MAH-MBA/MMS CET Offerings by T.I.M.E.

T.I.M.E. offers a comprehensive Online Test Series for MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2021. The Online test series are designed as per the pattern of the exam and aims to provide maximum benefits to aspirants in terms of preparation.

Our online test series package includes both sectional tests and online Mock Tests that will help you in various ways.

Online Sectional Tests

They are tests pertaining to each section of the exam. These are recommended as they are a group of topics or test areas and test your knowledge of related concepts individually. Therefore, they help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in a topic / test area, thus help you plan your preparation accordingly.

Self-Administered Mock Tests (SAMMCETs)

These mock tests are designed keeping in mind the latest pattern of the exams. They give you sufficient practice and help you assess your time management skills. Students have the convenience to view the detailed answer descriptions later and analyse their performance on that basis. SAMMCETs also give you a feel of the testing environment.

All Maharashtra Mock Tests (AMMCETs)

The All Maharashtra Mock tests work as a platform to assess your preparation on a state level as they are comparative performance indicators. The candidate can compare his/her scores with those of other test takers across the state. Students have the option of choosing a T.I.M.E centre as test centre or select “At home” as test centre. Those who choose a T.I.M.E centre as test centre, must visit the centre to take the mock test. If you select 'At home' as your test centre, you can take the Mock tests from your place at your convenience, you need not visit any T.I.M.E. centre to take the tests. In any case AMMCETs are to be taken during the scheduled test window to know where they stand as compared to other test takers.

Test Series Variant
  • Test Series - Basic

    Mock Tests - 15(8 Self Administrated and 7 All Maharastra),
    Sectional Tests(Section wise full length) - 20,
    Performance Report - Yes,
    Student Portal - Yes

    Rs. 1,950
  • Test Series - Enhanced

    Mock Tests - 22(10 Self Administrated and 12 All Maharastra),
    Sectional Tests(Topic wise tests and section wise full length) - 92,
    Performance Report - Yes,
    Student Portal - Yes

    Rs. 2,950