Centre Director

Sarbajit Das

Dr.Sarbajit Das is an M.Phil and a Ph.D in English and has over twenty years of teaching experience at Graduate and Under-Graduate level in College of Arts, Science & Technology, Bondamunda, Rourkela. He is the recipient of American Studies Research Centre Fellowship (TRG) for pursuing Doctoral Thesis at ASRC, Hyderabad in 1998 and of Indo-American Centre for International Studies Fellowship (TSG) for pursuing Doctoral Thesis at IACIS, Hyderabad in 2001. He has published Papers on African-American Writings in International Journals and presented Papers on Toni Morrison and Alice Walker’s Novels at various conferences. Dr. Das is a free-willed, independent and a spirited person who enjoys taking on responsibilities and challenges in his chosen sphere. He is clear about what he wants and does what he chooses to do with passion. He likes to ideate and this has helped him in his creative pursuits in writing, computers and academics. He gels with people easily and hence likes to work constructively with others.

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