School Tuitions

The program covers the school curriculum of the following subjects for the class X:

  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (Physics; Chemistry; Biology)

The course will commence in July and will continue till the student appears for his/her final examinations at school for the academic year.

Evaluation System:

"Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)" Examination is designed to provide a course of general education, in line with the recommendations of the Education Policy 1986, through the medium of English. ICSE Examination presupposes a school course of a ten year duration (Classes I-X). All students who take the exam are required to enter and sit for six subjects in addition to Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). Private students are not permitted to appear for the examination.

Subjects for ICSE Examination for Class X

Subject Percentage of Marks
External Examination Internal Assessment
Group I: (Compulsory)
English 80 20
A Second Language 80 20
History, Civics and Geography 80 20
Group II: (Any two of the subjects given under thisgroup))
Mathematics 80 20
Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 80 20
Economics 80 20
Commercial Studies 80 20
Technical Drawing 80 20
A Modern Foreign Language 80 20
A Classical Language 80 20
Computer Science 80 20
Environmental Science 80 20
Agricultural Science 80 20
Group II: (Any one of the subjects given under thisgroup))
Computer Applications 50 50
Economic Applications 50 50
Commercial Applications 50 50
Art 50 50
Performing Arts 50 50
Home Science 50 50
Cookery 50 50
Fashion Designing 50 50
Physical Education 50 50
Yoga 50 50
Technical Drawing Applications 50 50
Environmental Applications 50 50
A Modern Foreign Language 50 50

Students whose attendance is at least 75% of total number of working days are eligible to sit for the examination. The pass mark (which is calculated considering the best of five subjects offered by a student including English) for each subject is 35%.

No student, except as otherwise exempted by the Council, shall be awarded a "Pass Certificate" unless he/she has attained a pass grade in SUPW and Community Service as examined/assessed internally by the school in addition to fulfilling the above conditions.

Material Description:

The list of the material (number of copies) for the class 10 is as follows:

Class 10: 9 study material booklets, 8 workbooks and 106 test papers.

Centers Offering ICSE Tuitions

Kollam Mumbai