Prepare with T.I.M.E.

The SAT classroom program offered by T.I.M.E. is comprehensive with about 74 hours (37 Sessions) of classroom coaching across all areas of SAT – Reading Test, Writing & Language Test, Math Test and Essay – that cover all required concepts and test taking techniques to ace the SAT.

Designed for Indian Students

Over the years, we have coached millions of students for various competitive examinations and developed deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Indian students, which are very different from those of American students. Unlike other popular coaching programs available in the market, our SAT classroom program is made specifically for Indian students.

For instance, in the Math area, while enough attention is paid to testing areas such as Heart of Algebra, emphasis is also given to areas such as Passport to Advanced Math and Data Analysis, which have traditionally been the ‘uncomfortable zones’ for students.

Careful attention is paid to understanding Informational Graphics, presented as a part of both the Reading and Writing & Language Tests, again a new and unexplored zone for students. We focus on proficiency with Standard English Conventions, so as to help you improve in error identification and in correct and precise presentation.

Though the Essay writing section is optional, we have made it mandatory in our coaching program and strongly encourage all our students to take this section of the SAT too as this can be one of the differentiating factors in admissions decisions.

Comprehensive Study Material:

Our in-class discussion handouts and practice workbooks are designed not only to build skills required to ace the SAT but also to mimic the SAT in terms of context, question types and level of difficulty.

Our full-length Mocks Tests give you a comprehensive and rigorous benchmarking against the real test.

SAT Centers

S. No. Center
1 Hyderabad
2 Bengaluru
3 Mumbai
4 New Delhi
5 Kolkata
6 Cochin
7 Chennai
8 Chandigarh
9 Pune
10 Baroda
11 Ahmedabad
12 Kozhikode
13 Bhubaneswar
14 Dehradun & Roorkee
15 Varanasi
16 Visakhapatnam
17 Vijayawada
18 Nashik
19 Nagpur (UG)