CAT/MBA Offerings by T.I.M.E.

T.I.M.E. offers top class training for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. It's a one-stop shop for your preparation to get into top B-Schools. The course T.I.M.E. offers takes care of your preparation for the written exam as well as your preparation for the subsequent stages of Group Discussions, Written Ability Test (WAT/Essay) and Personal or Group Interviews. T.I.M.E.'s training programme for CAT is tailor-made to prepare you for CAT as well as other entrance exams like XAT, SNAP,NMAT,MAT, IIFT, etc. In states where there are state-specific CETs, T.I.M.E. offers separate courses for students who want to prepare only for the CETs

Classroom Programme

The classroom programme for CAT is the most preferred choice for thousands of MBA aspirants every year. The programme is designed to take you from the basic concepts to the advanced CAT level problems, focussing side by side on each area of preparation including the written test, form filling, GWPI and OMET preparation. The following section takes you through the training methodology in a step-by-step manner.

Online Programme

The year 2020 has been an exceptional year in terms of the series of events that have unfolded. Marred by the Covid-19 pandemic situation, every sphere of the society has taken a hit. The student community has also been adversely affected both in terms of their mainstream academics and preparation for the various competitive exams.

However, as soon as the pandemic started gripping the globe, T.I.M.E. was one of those first few institutes which came out with the delivery of the various courses in the online mode. Catering to thousands of students across the courses seamlessly and across the nation was a big challenge we were up to. Thanks to our over 25-year expertise in the domain that we could live up to the expectations of majority of the students.

As the pandemic situation is yet to ease out, we stand tall and deliver the lectures in the online mode successfully across the country. The feedback from the students has also been overwhelming and morale boosting for us.

The following section takes you through the training methodology in a step-by-step manner.

T.I.M.E.'s Training Methodology

Concepts training: Helps you develop the basic knowledge and skills for various areas that are tested in CAT and other management entrance tests. The fundamental concepts are taught in relevant detail. Each session, apart from the regular chalk & board teaching, is supplemented by a discussion on handout papers, and the 'Study Material booklets'. This gives students a good exposure on a variety of problems and helps them in developing conceptual clarity at the root level. Special assistance is also given to non-mathematics students to help them improve their quantitative skills.

Doubt Sessions and other sessions/seminars: The classroom students have the privilege to attend the doubt sessions conducted by the T.I.M.E. centres on a regular basis. The students can ask their subject related doubts in these sessions. If a student is weak in a particular area, then the faculty also helps her/him in understanding the concept in greater detail for more clarity.

Apart from this, sessions like B-School counselling, Test-taking strategies seminars, Achievers' Meet, etc are also conducted to help and motivate the students.

As the physical classroom training is yet to start, we have been conducting the doubt sessions in the online mode where the overall experience is almost at par if not better.

Student Home Page: This is an online repository of all your sectional tests, full length tests, AIMCATs, GWPI Briefcase, etc. It is a personal study resource for the students where they can take various tests and have a detailed analysis on the same.

Topic-wise Videos: The student can also find the videos on basic concepts on the SHP. The videos are very useful as they cover a good number of examples, and beneficial for those students who want to revise the concepts or summarise them what they learnt during their classroom sessions.

Section-wise Testing: This module helps you achieve thoroughness in individual test areas and is delivered in an online practice test format. They contain over 9000 questions across Verbal, Logical Reasoning, DI, and Quantitative Ability areas. A certain number of tests are uploaded every month with the suggestion that you complete these tests as soon as they are uploaded. The tests are classified into the following:

  1. Foundation Tests: These are generally based on a single topic. Students who want more practice on a particular topic can write these tests and have a detailed performance analysis post that.
  2. Intermediate Tests: These tests are designed by clubbing multiple topics from a broader common area e.g., topics like Time & Distance, Time & Work, Percentages, etc from Arithmetic are combined to test the student's understanding on this. This again, is followed by a detailed performance analysis.
  3. Advanced Tests: These types of tests are full fledged tests where the questions can be from any area. These are time bound tests as the actual sections in CAT are.

Comprehensive Testing: Here you are tested and evaluated with a large number of test papers modeled along the lines of recent CAT papers. This would help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement for your CAT test.

  1. Self Administered Mock CATs(SAMCATs - 25 nos.): These tests are the replica of past papers and are made available to the students on their SHP. The students can take these tests at any time of her/his convenience.
  2. All India Mock CATs (AIMCATs – 25 nos.): AIMCATs are arguably the most popular Mock CAT series across the nation. The unique number of test takers during the peak season may hit as high as 70,000, which gives the students a fair amount of idea in benchmarking their performance against the rest in the country. Apart from this, each question is followed by a detailed text and video solution, which is a unique feature of AIMCATs. The faculty also discusses, for a few AIMCATs the ideal strategy to attempt them.

    The AIMCATs are conducted both in Invigilated mode and Non-Invigilated mode. Unlike SAMCATs, the AIMCATs are conducted over a period of two day or four day window depending upon the mode in which it is conducted. The AIMCATs are so close to the actual exam that the actual performance of a student in CAT, in most of the cases is almost the same as in AIMCATs. All in all, AIMCATs are the best bet for a serious candidate to help him gauge and fine tune his performance.

    Training for Other Exams: Our CAT Course also prepares you for various other management entrance tests like XAT, SNAP, IIFT, NMAT, MAT conducted by various B-schools across the country. Institute specific classes and about 34 tests (OMETs - Other Management Entrance Tests) prepare you completely to excel in these exams as well.

    Workshops/special sessions on specific topics like Decision Making, Higher Mathematics, etc, which are a part of some OMETs are also conducted to help the students.

    Essay, GD & Interview trainingThis is provided in two modules, to help you prepare for the final stage in the selection process.

    Module I: Foundation and practice sessions with individual and group feedback.

    Module II: Extensive practice sessions, including mock Interviews and a series of GK lectures for the students shortlisted for the GWPI round of B-school selection. The sesisons are conducted by the alumni of IITs, IIMs, and other premier B-Schools of India. This helps the students in understanding the process in much better way, especially from those who themselves went through such a process earlier. Thorough feedback is provided by the faculty members to help you optimise on your prospects.

T.I.M.E. CAT/MBA Centers

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