Centre Director

Jay Prakash Gupta

Jay Prakash Gupta did executive MBA in Operations management. He did his MDP from IIM-Lucknow. He is a pass out of Lucknow University and serial 99.9+ %ler in QA & DILR section of CAT and has 20 +years of Aptitude training experience in multiple locations like Lucknow, Delhi/NCR and Dehradun.

Furthermore, he is considered one of the leading mentors for the CAT/IPM of India and has many awards and rewards in the training field. In the past 20 years, through his passion and mentorship, his students have secured thousands of IIM calls. His smart problem-solving skills and approachability are very popular among students. He tailors his pedagogy to fit each student's mind, ensuring concepts become second nature. His approachable nature and phenomenal problem-solving skills have made him a legend among CAT and IPM aspirants across India.

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