Admission Criteria

GWPI stands for, as you know, Group Discussion, Written Ability Test (WAT), and PersonalInterview. It earlier used to be called GDPI. However, of late, with the IIMs clearly moving towards WAT as against GD, GWPI is the preferred terminology. Some B-schools call Written Ability Test as essay-writing also.

GWPI is the second stage of the B-school selection process. The number of students who get a call for the GWPI stage (get shortlisted) depends on the number of seats that an Institute has and the call:seat ratio. Call:Seat ratio is the ratio of the number of students called for the GWPI process to the number of seats available. This ratio could range from a minimum of 2.5:1 for the top-most B-schools to anything for the lower ranked B-schools. In general, most of the B-schools in the top-15 range would have a ratio in the range 10:1 to 15:1. What this means for a candidate is that getting a shortlist from the thousands of candidates applying to a B-school is only half the task well done. The other half would be to do well in the GWPI process and get a final seat in the preferred B - School.


So what is that India's top B-Schools look for in aspirants? Well, to begin with, they look for individuals with aptitude to learn, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, are gifted with clear and rational thinking, have the capacity to put in long hours, and possess an ability to understand and articulate with clarity. As identifying, gathering, and sorting material of relevance is a difficult and time consuming job, we will do all this for you through the GWPI Briefcase. In GWPI Briefcase, you will find the following features:

  1. GDWI Process at B-Schools - will feature the post-written test process at India's leading b-schools; will include details of last three years selection process.
  2. Learning Corner - will feature links to articles on the Web, will be updated regularly till the end of the GWPI season;
  3. Interview Questions on Academic Subjects;
  4. Glossary of Economic Terms, and External Sites.

Also, the other regular features of the GWPI Briefcase like Articles from MBA Education & Careers, Important Issues in a Nutshell,and GWPI Experiences of Students (of previous years) will be added after the CAT results are announced.

We are sure the GWPI Briefcase will help you immensely in your effort to make it to the b-school of your choice.