GMAT Focus Edition

GMAT Focus Edition

The Graduate Management Admission Council, popularly known as GMAC, has come up with the new GMAT Focus Edition. This shorter test is expected to be more efficient, focused, flexible and insightful. It features fewer sections, so you can experience more efficient preparation and a shorter exam time. GMAC has designed the new edition to serve as the best predictor of academic success, specifically addressing the skills that B-schools are looking for.

Exam Overview:-

The Focus edition comprises 3 sections, and the scaled score is 205-805.

  • The GMAT Focus edition exam is 2 hours 15 minutes long with one optional 10 minute break. The total number of questions will be 64. The section-wise break-up is as follows:
  • Quantitative Reasoning:- 21 questions, 45 minutes.
    i) Problem Solving.
    This section measures your basic knowledge in Algebra, Arithmetic and other foundations of mathematics.
    * There will be no questions on Geometry.
  • Verbal Reasoning:- 23 questions, 45 minutes
    This section is composed of
    i) Reading Comprehension – 12 Questions
    ii) Critical Reasoning- 11 Questions.
    *There is no Sentence correction section now.
  • Data Insights:- 20 questions, 45 minutes.
    The question types are-
    1. Data Sufficiency,
    2. Multi Source Reasoning,
    3. Table Analysis,
    4. Graphics Interpretation, Two Part Analysis.
    The scaled score will be 60-90

New exam features

GMAT Focus Edition has the test features the Graduate B-school applicants look, for that other exams don’t offer - such as:

  • Question Review and Edit:
    Review as many questions as you want and edit upto three answers in one section.
  • Select Sectional Order:
    Complete the three sections in the order of your choosing.
  • Free Post Score Exam Sending:
    Send your scores to upto five programs for free within 48 hours of receiving your official score.

Registration Process:- There is no change in the registration process. You have to log in to for registering.

Test Fee:- The course fee remains the same - $275 (test centre) and $310 (online).

Attempts:- 5 attempts will be permitted in a12 month period and 8 attempts in a lifetime. The GMAT focus edition’s score is valid for 5 years.

Difference Between GMAT & GMAT Focus Edition

Topics GMAT GMAT Focus
Structure 4 sections(80 questions) 3 sections (64questions)
Score 200(min), 800(max) 205(min),805(max)
Important sections QR & VR QR, VR, DI
Test Duration 187 mins 135 mins
Optional breaks 2 breaks of 8mins each 1 break of 10 mins
Section Order 3 section orders Any order
Question review & edit Not available Unlimited reviews & 3 edits in each section available
Score reports Can be sent to 5 Schools before the exam Can be sent to 5 schools within 48 hrs of receiving the official score
Number of Questions QR-31(62mins), VR-36(65mins), IR-12(30mins), AWA-1(30mins) QR-21(45mins), VR-23(45mins), DI-F20(45mins) ng

Looking Forward:

The current GMAT Exam will be available until early next year, considering students whose preparation and application process is currently in progress.

Dates to remember: Official Prep available: 6th June,2023.

  • Registration Opens : 29th August,2023.
  • Testing Starts: Q 4 of 2023