Model Essay 2
Topic: The most crucial decisions in life call upon us to choose not between "good and bad" but between "good and good".

Model Essay 2

Decision making involves a personal thought process, influenced by environment, profession, background and society. It would be a fallacy to say that decision making should be only between “good” and “bad” as these are subjective terms. Perhaps, choosing between “good and bad” for one individual may seem like choosing between “bad and bad” for another individual given the same situation but different parameters of consideration. Perhaps, for some, choosing between “good and bad” is influenced by moralistic/ ethical considerations, while, for others, ethics may not be a part of the decision making process at all.

Life is not simply a choice between black and white. Life often offers us a platter filled with multiple “seemingly good” options. A “bad versus good” choice is easy to make as the decision maker would have enough reasons to reject the bad option. However, a “good versus good” choice throws light upon the best aspects of both options. Virat Kohli’s batting talent should be evaluated in the light of Tendulkar’s batting prowess and not Bhuvaneshwar Kumar’s. A “good versus bad” choice (eg. roses and thorns) results in a safer and better result but a “good versus good” choice (eg. roses and roses) leads to a path of invention by highlighting some unknown, finer, unique aspects resulting in better quality/ efficiency/ life.

The availability of various “good” choices increases the risk taken by the decision maker because the opportunity cost of not choosing the other option may be higher. The introduction of tetra packs by Pepsi in the ever competitive beverage industry was one such tough decision made by Indra Nooyi. She had to make a difficult choice between experimented (successful) cans versus the environmentally sustainable tetra packs. Her choice between “good and good” brought about a revolution in the beverage industry.

When faced with two “good” options, one has to weigh the pros and cons and feasibilities of the options whose apparent benefits seem equally appealing. Nevertheless, it is never easy to qualify something as better than another, unless we actually foresee the consequence of the decision. Our perceptive skills based on experience and estimation come to the fore. Even after making a choice between “good and good”, we should never underestimate the other “good” option. It may so happen that the other “good” option was good for someone else or good for us at another time. Misplaced priorities, changing objectives and our inability to evaluate “good” options properly may lead to us not taking the most appropriate decision especially when faced with “good and good” options. The most crucial decisions taken usually signify the toughest time for the decision maker and such times would, most aptly, require an “intelligent” call to be taken between the “good and good” options for maximum gain.

Feedback and Comments:

Overall impression:

Quite good.

Detailed feedback:

This is a good essay. It addresses the topic, and presents views with a good command over the language. There are no grammatical mistakes.

The ideas have been clearly expressed and are well organised. The analysis also touches upon what a decision maker uses to choose between “good and good”.

Evaluation parameters and score:

1) Content Adequacy of information 9 X 2 18
2) Ideas and their development Elaboration through reasoning, explanation, examples 9 X 3 27
3) Perspective Pros and cons, different aspects, parallel reasoning, suggestions 6 X 1 6
4) Structure Logical idea-flow in Intro-Body-Conclusion form 8 X 2 16
5) Control over language Grammar and spellings, sentence construction and punctuation 9 X 2 18