T.I.M.E. , the leader in CAT training in India also brings you the most comprehensive MOCK CAT series - the AIMCAT series. The AIMCATs from T.I.M.E. are acknowledged by students to be the best MOCK CAT Series available and is considered very essential for the complete preparation for the CAT exam. Taken by thousands of students across the country, the AIMCATs

a) provide you with benchmarking of your performance from among students, a very vital input for a percentile-based exam like CAT.

b) help you fine-tune your preparation by making you understand your strong and weak areas

c) help you frame your test-taking strategy for writing the CAT through a detailed analysis of your performance in each mock.

d) build the stamina to take the pressure and stress that the three-hour exam puts you through.

e) help you learn new techniques of problem-solving - The mocks are intended to help you to learn some advanced techniques, i.e., find some new and useful ways of applying the basic concepts.

The AIMCAT series is designed, and conducted, to help you build concepts, prepare strategies, identify weaknesses, and take steps to eliminate them. The AIMCATs simulate a number of variations that the CAT could come up with and thereby, through the practice provided, help students develop accuracy and speed for the exam. Students would be thoroughly exam ready, after having gone through many such variations across AIMCATs and gaining the valuable inputs that they provide.

Our AIMCATs are widely reputed as the best and the closest tests to the actual CAT. Every year, over 60,000 unique test takers attempt our AIMCATs.

The AIMCAT series is also a tool that helps students to evaluate performance over a period of time and improve accordingly. The detailed AIMCAT analysis is an invaluable part of preparation which any serious CAT aspirant would vouch for. Were you to miss these tests, your preparation for the CAT would surely be incomplete!

Details of AIMCATs for CAT 2021 will be available in May 2021