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T.I.M.E. , the leader in CAT training in India also brings you the most comprehensive MOCK CAT series, the AIMCAT series. The AIMCAT series from T.I.M.E. is acknowledged by students to be the best MOCK CAT Series available in the market and is considered essential for complete preparation for the CAT.

The AIMCAT series is designed, and conducted, to help you build concepts, prepare strategies, identify weaknesses, and take steps to eliminate them. The AIMCATs simulate a number of variations that CAT could come up with and thereby, through the practice provided, help students develop accuracy and speed for the exam. We feel that this is the vital aspect that enables a student to perform well in the CAT.

The AIMCAT series is also a tool that helps the student to evaluate performance over a period of time and improve accordingly. The detailed AIMCAT analysis is an invaluable part of preparation which any serious CAT aspirant would vouch for. Were you to miss these tests, your preparation for the CAT would surely be incomplete!

The AIMCAT package for CAT 2019 will have four versions: AIMCAT Basic, AIMCAT Basic with Discussion Videos, AIMCAT Enhanced and AIMCAT Enhanced with Discussion Videos.

Basic Basic with
Discussion Videos
Enhanced Enhanced with
Discussion Videos
3,750 5,100 7,250 9,200
All India Mock CATs 14
(7 Invigilated,
7 Non-Invigilated)
(7 Invigilated,
7 Non-Invigilated)
(10 Invigilated,
10 Non-Invigilated)
(10 Invigilated,
10 Non-Invigilated)
Self Administered Mock CATs 8 8 17 17
Mock OMETs* 15 15 25 25
On-line Sectional Tests in CAT pattern 3500 Questions 3500 Questions 7000 Questions 7000 Questions
Webinar based workshop sessions 5 5 15 15
Discussion Videos by Expert Faculties 2 AIMCATS All AIMCATS 2 AIMCATS All AIMCATS
Online Feedback and Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Sessions with CAT experts For All AIMCATS For All AIMCATS For All AIMCATS For All AIMCATS
Test taking Strategy Videos Selected AIMCATs Selected AIMCATs Selected AIMCATs Selected AIMCATs

* Subject to all OMETs – IRMA, IIFT, SNAP, XAT, MAT, NMAT, CMAT – being conducted

T.I.M.E. does not offer fragments of the above AIMCAT package i.e. students will not have the option of picking and choosing parts of the above packages.

Special Price for ex-T.I.M.E. Students and students with good CAT percentiles!

If you secured a good CAT percentile or an IIM call in CAT 16/17/18, you can now avail of the AIMCATs at a special price!

Ex - T.I.M.E. students who were enrolled with us on the full course for CAT 2016, CAT 2017 or CAT 2018 and have paid the full fee are also eligible for a special price!

Student Category/Percentile Range Special Price - Basic Special Price - Enhanced
Students with IIM Calls from CAT2016/17/18 1250 2450
98+ percentile from CAT2016/17/18 1250 2450
Percentile between 95 & 97.99 from CAT2016/17/18 2250 3650
Percentile between 90 & 94.99 from CAT2016/17/18 2750 4650
For students with 90% or more in X and XII 2650 4350
T.I.M.E. Students for CAT2016/17/18 who are not eligible for any of the special prices above**** 2750 5250

Note: ***The special prices above are for the two AIMCAT packages with out discussion videos. Students opting for 'AIMCAT Basic with discussion videos' or 'AIMCAT Enhanced with discussion videos' are to be charged Rs. 1350 and Rs. 1950 respectively over and above the special prices mentioned in the table.

**** Please note that this special price is only for past Full-Course students of T.I.M.E. who have paid the full fee. Due checking process is to be followed to validate the students' claim of being an ex-student for Class room course and that they have paid the full fee.

To avail the discounts mentioned above please e-mail the scanned copy of the supporting documents to While enrolling, you will be required to make full payment. Refund, as applicable, will be credited to your account after scrutinizing your documents.

Please note that no other discounts like group discounts etc are available other than those mentioned above.

No T.I.M.E. Center can offer any discounts other than those listed above

If there is no supporting document available to prove your claim of discount eligibility, or if it is found that incorrect documents are submitted at any point after enrolment, your access will be blocked.