Extempore Topics

The list below is indicative only. As it goes, you could be asked to extemporize on any issue/idea. However, the topics mentioned here have appeared in the past at b-schools across the country.

Newspaper reading as a habitMobiles should be banned in colleges
Before criticising anyone, put yourself into their shoesWhat are the winning ways of success
Bungee jumpingMobile tech: boon on bane
Fear of the unexpectedPositive attitude
Booming BiharDoes fashion influence Indian culture?
ChildhoodWomen are the weaker sex
Most memorable momentWomen are better managers
Funniest momentPride & prejudice spoil relationship
Population explosionEve-teasing
FlyoversYour dream partner
Sachin TendulkarChina, the next world power
MBA education is a waste of moneyWalking versus jogging
Saina Nehwal – the next youth iconIT jobs on the rise
Trip to favourite holiday placeInternet as a device for marriage
The man who laughs last laughs bestMy reading habits
Tough conditions don’t last, tough men doSRK versus Aamir
Favourite companyKareena or Ash - who’s better?
Favourite serialParents are demanding on their children
Favourite actorGlobalization
Your idolCo-education
Favourite business personalityDress codes in college
Is it possible to implement ‘one child’ policy?Catching Osama
Foreign channels are a threat to our cultureWays to a healthier brain
If you become invisibleEnds justify means
Pepsi and Coca-Cola should be bannedMoods are a necessary evil
Favourite sportspersonShould India pursue dialogue with Pak?
Favourite foodTV commercials should be banned
Kashmir issue – can it be solvedUnemployment – What are the remedies?
Privatization of universitiesReal learning takes place through experience
Advantages of vegetarianismBrain drain
Women grow fatter after marriageLove is essential for peace of mind
Most beautiful girl I have seenUnconventional Hindi movies
Haste makes wasteWhat I did during my last vacation
Cycle – the best mode of transport among youthEarth – my planet
Morning walk versus evening walkEducation liberalized
Beauties have no brainsTwo’s company, three’s crowd
Laugh & the world laughs with you, cry & you cry aloneGlobal village