Interview Experiences of T.I.M.E. Students - SBI CLERICAL 2014 (Interviews held in DEC 2014)
Interview Experience 1:

Panel members : 3

1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. Tell us something about your family.

3. Why did you pursue engineering?

4. Why did you leave Accenture?

5. Why did you opt for banking? (The panel probed deeply on this)

6. Who is Dalai Lama?

7. If you don't know Dalai Lama, how will you serve the society?

8. What are your hobbies?

9. Name the first technopark in Kerala.

10.What is the difference between a bank and anNBFC ?

11.Have you watched the latest ad campaign of SBI?

12.Where is Pondicherry?

13.What are the secondary functions of a bank?

14.What is a small bank concept?

15.What is a payment bank?

16.What is financial inclusion?

17.For how long will Hyderabad remain a common capital?

18.Name the women CMs in India.

Interview Experience 2:

Panel members: 3

1.Why is there no seal on your certificate? (Was asked to give an undertaking)

2. Is this your first interview? (Went till GD stage in the Indian Navy interview)

3. Why did you get rejected?

4. What are your hobbies? (Bird watching)

5. Who is Salim Ali?

6. Name a few books he has written.

7. Name a few Kerala-based ornithologists.

8. Name the bird sanctuary in Kerala.

9. Name the bird sanctuary in Karnataka.

10. List the names of birds which you commonly see in your locality.

11. What is the difference between a CA and an SA?

12. Why is it called a CA?

13. Can a group of individuals open an SB a/c?

14. What are money markets?

15. What are foreign ex-markets?

16. What are commodity markets?

17. Who is the Governor of Kerala?

18. Who was the first IG of Kerala?

19. Where is the Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium located?

Interview Experience 3:

Panel members: 4

1. Tell us something about your parents.

2. Who is the CEO of Infosys?

3. What is an NPA?

4. Name four banks from Kerala.

5. How did badminton get its name?

6. Name the Indian badminton player of international acclaim.

7. How many states are there in India?

8. What is the number of north-eastern states?

9. Give us the details of the forthcoming Obama visit.

10. Which Malayalam newspaper do you read?

11. If you qualify in the IBPS PO, will you join?

(The candidate said NO and everybody had a good laugh!)

Interview Experience 4:

Panel members: 5

Duration: 15 to 20 min

1. What is your name?

2. Tell us something about your family.

3. What is digital communication?

4. Why are your marks are showing a declining trend?

5. What are your hobbies?

6. What is Sodoku?

7. Can you drive? What is the difference between the systems followed in the UK and those in the USA?

8. What are your strengths?

9. Do you have any weaknesses?

10. What are the qualities of a bank employee?

11. Tell us something about the Saradha Chit Scam.

12. Tell us about the Indian History in brief.

13. What would have been the scenario had we not been under the British rule?

14. Waht were the positive outcomes of the British rule?

15. What are the two houses in the UK Parliament called?

16. Give an overview of the Kasthuri Rangan report / Gadgil report.

Interview Experience 5 :

Panel members: 4

Duration: 15 minutes

1. Tell us something about your family.

2. You left the defence services 10 months back. What did you do after that?

3. What are your hobbies and areas of interest?

4. When was the last FIFA world cup played and who won it? Who was the runner-up? How many goals were scored?

5. How many tests and ODIs has Sachin Tendulkar played?

6. Why are you interested in joining the SBI?

7. What are current assets?

8. Why did you get commendation/ medals during service?

9. Which is your home town?

10. What are the synonyms of chess in Malayalam?

11. How will you sell us a bank product?

12. Sell SBI Life to us.

Interview Experience 6 :

Panel members: 4

1. Tell us something about yourself.

2. Compare the three military services.

3. Why did you choose SBI?

4. Why did you opt for the defence services after Plus Two from KV Pattom?

5. What are your hobbies?

6. Which was the last book you read?

7. Which was the last movie you watched?

8. Who was the bowler in Phill Hughes' accident?

9. Name two Indian cricketers hit by a ball during a match in the past?

10. Bradman had allowed two cricketers to meet him personally. Who are they?

11. How do we communicate to the outside world from inside a submarine?

12. How is life inside a submarine?

113. Why did you leave the defence services after 15 yrs?

Interview Experience 7 :

Panel members: 5

1. Why do you wish to join a bank after B. Tech?

2. Do you read a newspaper? What are today's headlines?

3. Who is the head of the Planning Commission?

4. Who is the speaker of the Lok Sabha?

5. Who is the present finance minister?

6. What is the term of the Indian president?

7. What is the term of a Rajya Sabha member?

8. What is ATM & what are its uses?

9. What is TIBIL?

10. What is the maximum amount than a person can draw from his savings bank account?

11. What is EMI?

12. What are the loans that banks offer to farmers?

113. How will you work in rural areas among uneducated people?

Interview Experience 8 :

Panel members: 55

1. Why do you want to join SBI as a clerk?

2. Who is our Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?

3. Who is our foriegn affairs minister?

4. Why did you opt for SBI clerical when you have scored 80% in engineering?

5. Why didn't you go for GATE (or) GRE?

6. What is the difference between EEE & ECE?

7. Which country has Mr. Modi visited recently?

8. Do you use the facebook?

9. What is the minimum age to open a facebook account?

10. What is the minimum age to open a savings bank account?

11. Tell us about the Jan Dhan Yojana.

12. Tell us about the Sansar Adarsh Gram Yojana and who adopted villages under this scheme?

13. Since your parents are teachers, do you know about the Right to Education Act?

14. How would you feel if you were asked to work on weekends or holidays?

15.Who is Michael Jackson?

Interview Experience 9:

Panel members: 55

1. How many marks do you expect in the SBI written exam?

2. Tell us about your family background.

3. Why didn't you join the Railways? (Father working with the Railways)

4. Why you are interested in a bank job after B. Tech?

5. What is insurance?

6. What is CRR and what is its present percentage?

7. What we call the payment in insurance?

8. Explain briefly about Mechanical engineering?

9. What do you know about the Jan Dhan Yojana?

10. When was it started and by whom?

10. What is kinetic energy?

11. What is centre of gravity?

12. What is the difference between centroid and centre of gravity?

113. Two trucks carrying the same load, one loaded with iron and the other with cotton, are rounding a sharp curve. Which will fall first and why?

Interview Experience 10 :

Panel members: 5

1. Tell us about your family background.

2. What do you grow on your farm?

3. How much price do you get for one ton of sugarcane?

4. Rs. 2200 is insufficient. Do you get free electricity and a loan waiver?

5. Is it sufficient?

6. What is NABARD?

7. Did you attend any coaching classes?

8. What are the features of a Rs. 100 note?

99. What steps will you take to improve the productivity of sugarcane?

Interview Experience 11:

Panel members: 55

1. What are the 8 names of Goddess Laxmi?

2. What were you doing since 2009?

3. What do you know about computers?

4. How many types of software are there?

5. What is proprietary fund?

6. What is your father?

7. What is your husband?

8. How did you happen to come to Surat from Hyderabad?

9. How many years old is your baby now?

10. What is a bank and what are its functions?

11. Do you have a bank account? In which bank is it?

12. What facilities do banks provide for a savings account?

13. How many types of accounts are there?

14. What is the full form of ATM?

15. Which operating software do we use now?

16. Where is Tirupati? What is the shortest route to go there?

117. In addition to fans, what is Usha company famous for?

Interview Experience 12 :

Panel members: 5

1. In which bank does your father work?

2. How many members of your family work for banks?

3. Are you interested in relocating?

4. Can you cook?

5. Tell us about SBI and its Associate banks.

6. Which banks have recently been merged with the SBI and when did this happen?

7. What is a balance sheet and which term of the balance sheet indicates the net worth of the company?

8. How will you handle an angry customer?

9. What is gross profit and net profit?

10. What is SWOT Analysis?

111. How can you do a SWOT Analysis on yourself?

Interview Experience 13 :

Panel members: 5

1. Name the recent movie shot in the surroundings of Hyderabad.

2. What is a Demand Draft?

3. Tell us something about your family background.

4. Which area in Andhra Pradesh which area is famous for cotton crop?

5. What is the raw material for cotton?

6. Have you tried a job in your core field?

7. In how many banks did you qualify for the written test? Out of those, in which did you apply?

8. What are your suggestions for the Telangana power problem?

9. How is LED useful in saving power?

10. What is Lok Adalat?

11. What is the use of technology in banks?

12. Do you read a newspaper? What are today's headlines ?

13. Do you have a bank account?

14. In which bank do you have an account?

15. How are the services of that bank?

16. Do you use mobile banking / Internet banking?

17. Tell us about self-help groups.

18. Tell us about Dairy loans and Crop loans.

Interview Experience 14 :

Panel members: 55

1. Which is the regulating authority for RRBs?

2. What are the types of banks?

3. How will you handle and satisfy customers with your services?

4. RBI has recently imposed a fine on two banks. Name them.

5. Why was this fine imposed?

6. What is the difference between Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

7. How will you solve the power problem in Telangana?

8. Why did you opt for a bank job after Engineering?

9. In KYC norms, what do we use as address proof and ID proof?

10. What facilities do Railway employees enjoy?

11. What is priority sector lending and what does it involve?

112. In which bank do you have an account and what is your opinion about its services?

Interview Experience 15 :

Panel members: 5

1. Tell us about your family.

2. What is your father?

3. What is a CASA deposit?

4. If this deposit is more, is it advantageous for a bank or a loss, and why?

5. What is the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and what are its features?

6. What is the speciality of your home town and why is it in thenews?

7. What is the difference between your native place and district headquarters?

8. Why did you opt for a bank job after joining the IT field?

9. What are your hobbies? (Currency collection)

10. Tell the latest currency note that you have collected.

11. Define software, firmware and malware with examples.

12. How many questions did you attempt in the written exam?

113. You are going to sit at the bank counter. If an illiterate customer comes to you, how will you respond?

Interview Experience 16 :

Panel members: 5

1. What is the meaning of your name?

2. What is a bank?

3. If you deposit Rs. 100, is the total amount given out for loan?

4. What are your strengths / weaknesses?

5. Who is your role model?

6. For what purpose is 40% of the bank money kept?

7. Do you know Telugu?

8. Why did you leave Engineering to join a bank?

99. What interests you when you enter a bank?

Interview Experience 17:

Panel members: 55

1. What does your father do?

2. How many acres of land do you own?

3. Who was the author of 'Gitanjali'?

4. Tell me the name of something that your home town is famous for?

5. Why do you want to join as an SBI clerk after B.Tech?

6. Have you cleared the IBPS PO exam?

77. Which do you prefer – SBI clerk or IBPS PO?

Interview Experience 18 :

PPanel members:

1. What is NIM?

2. What is Balance of Payment?

3. What are the functions of the RBI?

4. What is NDTL? Is a higher NDTL good for a bank?

5. What do you mean by a SWOT analysis?

6. Who is the deputy speaker of Telangana?

77. What are the unmanned services in banking?

Interview Experience 19:

PPanel members: 4

1. Is a bank meant for public? If yes, why not for its own employees?

2. What is the major difference between an NBFC and a bank?

3. How many types of deposits are there?

4. Questions about previous employers.

5. What are your hobbies?

6. What do BASEL banking norms do?

7. Name the SAARC countries and the full form of the word.

8. What is PoK?

9. What is the other name of Arunachalam?