AILET 2022 Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis of AILET 2022

AILET 2022 was conducted successfully today. The paper can be considered as Moderate to Easy and not so lengthy for a 90 minute paper considering if you have recently experienced CLAT 2022.

As per the trend there were broadly three sections namely English, Current Affairs & General Knowledge and Logical reasoning. However the Logical section in AILET implies slight presence of principle fact based legal reasoning. There were no questions on quant which was a relief to some.

Speed and accuracy was required to tackle all the sections timely.

Difficulty Level Analysis

Starting with the logical reasoning, It had 70 questions and was dominated by syllogism and conclusions. Topics were miscellaneous including few contemporary as well as static references.

There were at least 35 questions on assumptions and conclusions. Two questions were from the law of contract but did not require prior knowledge of law. 3 principle-fact based questions pertaining to jurisdiction, narcotics and right to vote. and at least 25 questions on Syllogism. So if you had been focussing on these areas you would have easily sailed through this section. The 25 questions on Syllogism were doable provided your concept of syllogism was clear.

There were no questions on quant however at least 5 questions on arrangement which were a bit lengthy but nonetheless doable.

Current Affairs and General knowledge could be considered relatively tough as it had an equal mix of current and static Gk. It had 30 questions and In fact at least 10 of the questions asked in GK sections can be found as it is in T.I.M.E material handouts and mocks including the ones related to NCBC, Durand Line, Revolt of 1857, Turkey name change, Mayflower 400, Nilgiri Biosphere, Satyajit Ray among others. It required current as well as static knowledge. This section can be considered as moderate providing candidates paid sufficient attention to current as well as static general knowledge. Some of the questions were however too specific including the one regarding Desmand Tutu and Daughter of Palestine but overall doable with decent score.

English section which had 50 questions can be considered as relatively lengthy considering the length of passages but most of the questions required basic vocabulary skills and overall understanding of the passages. Topics like digital play therapy might be out of the box but nonetheless doable with the information provided. In several questions the tone and mood of the passage was asked which shouldn't be a concern for a T.I.M.E student. In fact this was the only section that magnified the difficult level of AILET 2022 but with a decent amount of practice and time management it was sailable.

There was no requirement of knowledge of Legal concepts as such as there were only 3 legal questions which could be inferred from the passage without legal knowledge and current affairs as predicted had current as well as predictable static questions. Logical reasoning and English was all about time management and basic understanding of the context.

Overall it was not so difficult paper and time was sufficient to attempt all the sections. If you are scoring above 90+ out of 150 there's a fair chance you are entering into NLU Delhi.