Test Series FAQs
  1. How to register for online exams?

  2. If you are currently a T.I.M.E. GATE Classroom student, the test series will be enabled in your student home page after you have completed the registration process. If you are not T.I.M.E. Classroom student and want to take up our Test Series for GATE then you can enroll at the nearest center or pay online at http://time4education.com/pgway/OnlinePaymentForm.aspx?course=GATETS

  3. What is the criteria for online exams registration

  4. Fill the appropriate application form and pay the fee

  5. Do I need a special software to access tests?

  6. No, you do not need any other software. You only need a web browser

  7. What are the different types of test variants that I can enroll for Test Series?

    • There are 2 variants available currently – Basic and Advanced.

    • The Basic version would cost Rs.1250 and the Advanced would cost Rs. 2450

  8. How to start online exam?

  9. Login with your username and password. On login you will be able to see all the available online exams. You can see exams for a particular subject by selecting the subject from corresponding links given

  10. Can I close the exam and restart it after sometime?

  11. Yes

  12. I do not remember my password

  13. You can always recover your password by clicking “Forgot password” in the login page; give your login id and email address (the same email address that is given at the time of registration). An email will be sent with user name and password.

  14. I did not receive ack email and approval email

  15. Make sure you have given a valid and working email address. Check your spam folder, make sure that your inbox is not full. For any clarifications, you can send your queries or problems at gate_hyd@time4education.com

  16. I do not remember my LOGIN-ID

  17. Contact your corresponding T.I.M.E. Center in your city.

  18. Can I give a question after completion of the all- India Mock Gate?

  19. Yes, you can mail your question at gate_hyd@time4education.com after the completion of the All India Mock GATE, but only the answer would be provided and not its comparative analysis

  20. After payment nothing is displayed OR internet is disconnected after payment OR browser is ACCIDENTALLY closed.

  21. If you did not get the confirmation page after the payment is done then there is a possibility that amount is deducted from your bank account but session expired due to long wait or network failure. Check your email to see whether you have received any email with the new account details, if you have not received even after 2 hours after your payment then contact T.I.M.E. office with your order id, date & time of the payment

  22. Can sectional tests, subject tests and multiple subject tests be given anytime?

  23. Yes, the mentioned tests can be given anytime once they are active in the Student Home Page

  24. How to change my password?

  25. After login goto myAccounts (you can find this link on top right corner), click Change password tab.

  26. Will I get Video Solutions for the Mock GATEs?

  27. Video solution will be provided for select questions for each Mock GATE. The Basic version will have solutions given for 2 Mock GATEs while the Advanced version will have solutions for all 12 Mock GATEs

  28. Test Series related queries contact info

  29. Contact your nearest T.I.M.E. Center for all details pertaining to GATE Test Series or call at +91 7207702848.

  30. How would the test series performance analysis look like?

  31. The test series performance analysis would have the following patterns for better understanding of the students' scorecard:

    Answer Solution -

    Total Paper Analysis

    Time Taken per Question