IPMAT Indore Analysis

IPMAT Indore Analysis

IPMAT for IIM Indore was conducted successfully on July 02, 2022, from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m in Computer Based mode. It had three sections, namely Quantitative Ability (MCQ), Quantitative Ability (Short Answer) and Verbal ability, to be completed in a 120 minute duration. There were, however, a few elements of surprises with a total of 90 questions Instead of 100 questions like last year.

The paper's overall level of difficulty could be considered as moderate to difficult and a bit higher compared to that of the last year.

There were 30 questions in the Quant (MCQ) section, 15 Questions in the Quant (SA) section, and 45 Questions in the Verbal Ability section.

Quantitative ability ( MCQ) topics included Percentages, Profit and Loss, Number System, Average and Data Interpretation (DI). Logic based DI, Questions from arithmetic were lesser compared to that of the last year. From the pure paths area, there were questions from heights and distance, probability, functions, averages, set theory, number system, Permutation and Combination. Overall, a higher representation was seen from progressions.

Out of 30 questions, 16+ correct questions can be considered a good score.

Quantitative ability (SA) could be considered as having the highest difficulty level among all sections, Qs from algebra got a relatively higher representation in this section compared to what was seen on the MCQ section. There were questions from Determinants, Functions, Logs, Binomial, Trigonometry, Set theory, Averages, Profit and loss etc.

Out of 15 questions, 8 to 9 + correct questions can be considered a good score.

Verbal Ability section had Reading Comprehension; Vocabulary; Logical Completion of Paragraph; Para Jumbles. Students found RCs to be a bit longish but doable as most questions were direct. Sections like Fill in the blanks and vocabulary were in the predictable format, however, on a higher level of difficulty. This is because though the words were simple, they were synonymous with each other making the answer identification tougher. There were questions from Idioms, Spot the error, Parajumbles and Para-completion, Cloze passage with 3 to 4 blanks.

Change in the number of questions from expected 40 to 45 to be completed in 40 minutes was an element of surprise for students.

25+ questions in this section are easily doable, making the good score from this section to be in the 30-35 range

Out of the 90 Questions, an attempt of 65-70 can be considered a good attempt with an accuracy of 80% or higher. A score of 200-220 can be considered to be a good score for IIM Indore. At least 6 colleges other than IIM Indore will be accepting IPMAT Indore score this time and the cut off will vary for each college.