Comprehensive analysis of CLAT 2023

Comprehensive Analysis of CLAT 2023

CLAT 2023 was conducted successfully today. The pattern was in line with the expectation and was exactly the same as last year and, as expected, Legal had the maximum weightage while Quant had the least weightage. There were 30 questions in the English Language section, 35 Questions in Current Affairs and General Knowledge, 40 Questions in Legal Reasoning, 30 Questions in Logical Reasoning and 15 Questions in Quantitative Techniques. Length of the paper in terms of the time each section demanded, however, varied from section to section and most candidates found Legal Reasoning, English and QT sections to be on the lengthier side. Questions in Current affairs were not conventional questions and this could be considered as the most difficult section of CLAT 2023.

Difficulty level analysis

Overall difficulty level of the paper could be said to be easy to moderate.

Most of the passages in all the sections were from contemporary issues. This was a relief in terms of predictability and familiarity. There were topics from FIFA world cup, cryptocurrency, the newly elected President of India, electoral bond scheme, free legal aid, internet shut down, blocking twitter handles and other contemporary issues. However, the questions that followed were not so easy, especially in the current affairs section.

The Legal section was of easy to moderate level of difficulty. There were no questions from traditional topics like Torts or Contracts. However, there was a passage on cruelty from criminal law and a passage on Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act, 2022. Consumer protection law also found place under miscellaneous topics and the constitution was touched upon in the form of Article 19. There were also passages from general topics like surrogacy and electoral bonds which were quite doable. Passages were extracted from mainstream portals like The Hindu, Hindustan times. Internet based news sites like The Wire and Newslaundry were sources too. Legal reasoning section could be considered easy in general, though a lengthy read for some who may not have worked on their reading speed..

Quant had only 15 questions but they were not exactly 10th class level questions. 15 questions were divided into three parts and they were data interpretation questions with topics involving Percentages, Ratios, Market price and Simple interest. Data was not presented in a tabulated form which made it time consuming for students to comprehend it quickly, taking up valuable time.
The English Section was easy but was also a bit lengthy with six reading comprehension passages of relatively longer lengths. There were questions on inference, metaphor, meanings, synonyms and assumptions. Passages were extracted from the Economic times, Hindustan times and other mainstream portals.

Logical reasoning was arguably the easiest section in this year’s exam. However, length continued to be an issue in this section too, making reading speed a requirement here as well. The section was dominated by strengthening & weakening questions along with assumption & conclusion questions. Passages were extracted from sources like The Telegraph and several other magazines.

Finally, General Knowledge and Current Affairs was the toughest of all the sections. More than the difficulty level, it was the type of questions that were unconventional and were more in the form of trivia and social media awareness. Although topics that were chosen were current and predictable, the questions that followed were a bit challenging for candidates.

Overall, the difficulty level of CLAT 2023 was moderate provided the candidates had good time management skills and if sufficient attention was given to all the questions considering the length of the paper.

A Score of 100+ would be considered as a good score.

Section Ideal Attempt Good Score LoD
English 24-28 25+ Easy but Lengthy
Current Affairs including GK 18-23 17+ Difficult
Legal Reasoning 30-35 30+ Moderate
Logical Reasoning 25-30 25+ Easy
Total 104-128 100+ Moderate