Kanbay International is a premier global systems integrator providing high-quality, high-value solutions to the insurance, banking, lending, credit card, and capital markets industries. The combination of business focus and technology expertise makes Kanbay a unique player in the technology consulting arena. Kanbay works across platforms from legacy mainframe to leading-edge web servers, drawing onbroad, diverse base of business technology experts.

Corporate slogan/ Punchline

  • People &Technology ; Powering transformation


  • Respect for the individual, Ability to create and exceed high client core values, Honesty and Integrity, open & caring communication, attract develop and retain adiverse groupof people and work that enables people to return something to the global society


  • Australia, Honk Kong, India, Singapore ,UK,USA

Main officers

  • Chairman and CEO :  Raymond J. Spencer

Key milestones

  • 1989 : Kanbay was founded by Raymond J. Spencer, Dileep Nath and John Patterson with its headquarters in ChicagoIL.

  • 1991 : Started Indian operations to support delivery of software development services

  • 1992 : Established office in Hong Kongto serve the Pacific Rim.

  • 1995 : Established Pune development center, one of the largest in the country.

  • 1999 : Established offices in Melbourne & Cambridge Acquired Megatec in October.

  • 2001 : Announced ISO 9001 certification

  • 2003 : SEI CMM level5 certification

  • 2004 : Listed in NASDAQ.

Stock exchange listings:


Financial Performance Indicators (ending 31st December 2004)

  • Revenue: $182.6 million

  • Net income: $27.4 million


  • Application development and maintenance, including designing, coding, testing, and implementing software that supports the world's most significant businesses.

  • Business Intelligence, designing the capture and extraction of data from multiple sources and assembling it into information for competitive advantage.

  • Distributed systems, connecting traditional businesses to clients, prospects, suppliers, and more through internal networks and the Internet.

  • Global Payment systems, incorporating Vision PLUS® and custom systems for every facet of the credit card and consumer lending process

  • Managed solutions, helping you realize maximum benefit from the applications that run your business.

  • Security and connectivity, creating the policies, architecture, environment, and practices that protect information assets and business activity.Testing services, reducing the risks of failure as well as project and future maintenance costs by planning and implementing testing right from the start.


  • Banking, Capital Services, Credit Services, Insurance,

Organisational culture

  • Kanbay works diligently to nurture a values:based global culture that optimises people for success on both the business: and personal level. People oriented approach culture fosters creativity, growth, commitment to clients, and retention

  • Kanbay’s culture and people policies revolve around the following principles:

  • Seven core values, including respect for the individual, commitment to clients, innovation, and open communications

  • Open, non:hierarchical work environment to foster creativity and open communication

  • Holistic training programs to develop technical, business, and leadership skills

  • 360:degree reviews

  • Benefits for associate well:being and also wealth building.


  • Through online registration. Highly respected clients, a global presence, extensive training and development, the latest in technology, the hottest projects, a corporate culture of respect providesa high profile career

Other information

  • The 3:Tier delivery model describes how Kanbay works with its clients—onsite, offsite, and offshore. The blend of tiers is dynamic and scalable, so the number of people working at each level varies, according to your project's requirements. This hybrid approach provides security, flexibility & economic leverage.

Contact address

  • Corporate Headquarters:

  • Kanbay International, Inc.
  • 6400 Shafer Court
  • RosemontIllinois 60018 (USA)
  • Offices in India :

  • Kanbay Software India Pvt Ltd

  • A1 ,Tech .Park,MIDC
  • Talwade,Pune:412114
  • Phone: 9120 7601000

  • Kanbay International, Inc.

  • #31, Haddows Road
  • Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 006
  • Phone: +91 44 52097441