Established in 1989, Sasken is a world class embedded telecom technology company offering a unique combination of complementary IP software components, research and development consultancy and software services to leading semiconductor manufacturers, network equipment companies, and global wireless handset developers.

Committed to innovation, Sasken works with terminal device manufacturers, network equipment manufacturers, semiconductor vendors and network operators to help them get to market ahead of the competition and stay focused on new product development and manufacturing. With deep understanding of the telecom industry, access to current and emerging technologies, mature development processes, global resources and a proven track record, Sasken creates complete solutions to help clients succeed. Clients choose Sasken for their comprehensive range of application solutions and services, backed by a proven reputation for expert support and high quality.

Backed by ISO 9001certification and assessed at SEI CMM Level 5, Sasken is driven by an emphasis on quality. Sasken’s proprietary quality management system strengthens our business offerings and ensures client satisfaction.

Supporting development of global wireless communications Sasken works with premier technology groups including the ITU, ETSI, GCF, PTCRB, ATM Forum, DSL Forum, OFDM Forum, UWCC and the SDR Forum.

Corporate slogan/ Punch line

  • Next generation technology solutions

Vision & Core values

  • Sasken's vision is to play a key role in enriching every communications experience. Sasken believes that in focusing all their efforts and resources on this vision, they will realize their dream of becoming the worlds most preferred Telecom Solutions Company.

  • They are a knowledge-driven company that values transparent business practices and provides comprehensive solutions to help businesses achieve their goals of rapid product innovation and profitability. Their core values revolve around passion and integrity.

  • Sasken takes pride in being ethical and in nurturing an environment of openness in all business interactions. They respect the courage of personal conviction, and actively cultivate a spirit of inquiry and individual enterprise.

  • Technology is Sasken’s passion. Sasken claims “ We dare to explore new opportunities to find new ways to solve technical challenges. We pride ourselves as being forward thinkers, anticipating market changes ahead of the curve to help our clients stay competitive”. Sasken does everything they can to sustain an environment that is conducive to incubating new ideas and creating powerful technology solutions that help their clients succeed.

Main officers

  • Rajiv C Mody - Chairman & CEO 

  • Kannankote Srikanth - President & COO
  • Swaminathan Krishnan - CMO


  • Canada , China , Finland,France , Germany , India , Japan ,Mexico, Sweden , UK & U.S.

  • Locations in India :- Bangalore , Pune,Chennai

No. of employees

  • 3500+

Financial Summary (ending 31st March 2007 )

  • Net worth: Rs42,207.34 Lakhs

  • Profit after tax: Rs4,426.94 Lakhs


  • Handset Model Development Services

  • OMAP Technology Center

  • Accelerated DSL Development

  • UMTS Network Development Services

  • 2G Network Sustenance Services

  • IC Design Services

  • Sasken Network Systems - Value Added Engineering

  • Offshore Development Centers.


  • Multimedia Applications and codecs— The Strawberra™ range of multimedia applications and codecs enable handset manufacturers provide a rich multimedia experience to the consumers.

  • Wireless Protocol Stacks Modular, easy-to-upgrade WCDMA and GSM-GPRS protocol stacks offer you a clear path to next generation wireless devices.

  • DSL– Sasken’s range of DSL software solutions are available for licensing to DSL device manufacturers.


  • People First

  • Saskens corporate credo is “People First”. Sasken believe that respect for the individual comes before organizational imperatives. That's why Sasken employees are at the center of all that the company does. This approach has proven to be very successful at Sasken – a whopping 32 percent of new recruits are selected through the Internal Referral Program.

    At Sasken, you join an elite new class of empowered employees. We offer you the freedom to live and work the way you want to. Sasken’s flex-time policy allows you to decide when to work and upholds expectations for a balanced lifestyle.

  • We actively encourage employees to pursue further education while working at Sasken. We endorse continuous learning and encourage our people to grow their careers.

Organizational culture

  • At Sasken, performance is paramount. Sasken has an excellent evaluation and incentive scheme to identify and encourage performance. This way, extra effort is quickly recognized. Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance. An unique policy of 'single status' is implemented in Sasken where there is no differentiation among employees with any criteria other than performance. Everyone in Sasken – from a new recruit to the CEO – is treated the same.

    All employees receive the same workspace, amount of employee leave time, benefits and travel allowances. Everyone has the same dress code and the same perks. Criteria that determine incentives are uniformly applied. Salaries, however, vary based on experience and performance.

    Sasken’s innovative, employee-oriented human resources practices have resulted in their receipt of a Lifetime HRD Excellence Award from the National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Programme.

    After four years of service, you become eligible for six weeks of hibernation leave, in addition to all other paid leave. In addition, the entire company takes a week long Christmas vacation.

Life at SASKEN

  • Mutual trust and respect define Sasken’s employee relationships. There is no enforced dress code – Sasken understands that attire has little bearing on your integrity or competence. Open 24 hours every day, the office has cafeterias, ATM’s, gymnasium, medical center, Montessori childcare center and a travel desk. Sasken spares no effort to create a work environment that is flexible, informal, supportive and empowering.

    Expand Your Horizons

    Sasken , has created flexible policies and training programs that foster a culture of learning. This is augmented with access to the latest technical expertise through their relationships with premier institutions and memberships in technical and general libraries. You can also develop management skills through our internal programs.

  • Work With A Global Leader Here you work for a global leader and you deal with the world’s foremost technology companies. Sasken works with six of the top ten mobile handset vendors, three of the top five semiconductor manufacturers and many global network equipment manufacturers.

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