SLAT 2023 analysis

SLAT 2023 Analysis

The first round of Symbiosis Law Admission Test 2023 (SLAT) was successfully conducted on 6th May 2023. The paper was exactly as expected and there were no surprises. As per the pattern, it was a short paper with only 60 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. The sections that were tested were Logical Reasoning, Legal reasoning, Analytical reasoning, General knowledge and Reading comprehension. Paper was not lengthy at all, and many candidates finished it well before time. Overall difficulty level of the paper could be considered as easy-moderate. Section wise analysis of the paper is as follows:

Legal reasoning

There were 12 questions of legal reasoning which were a combination of principle-based questions and some questions that required candidates to have prior knowledge of legal concepts. Five questions that did not give legal principles were based on negligence, mens rea with the concept of doli incapax, Consideration and coercion with the concept of voidable contract.

Some questions were principle-based that included concepts of intoxication under IPC, theft, assault, Article 163 and Article 74 of the constitution, concept of force majeure. This section also tested legal knowledge by asking the name of Sabarimala case. There were also questions from Article 20 of the constitution and Consumer Protection Act.

Overall, the section was easy and procuring 10+ marks out of 12 should not have been a challenge to those who prepared decently well.

General Knowledge

General knowledge section was a mix of static GK and Current affairs. It included questions from constitution like schedule for defection. Some questions were quite easy and predictable like those on Indian Cricket Women’s captain, winner of Nobel Prize in Literature etc. There was a question from a Satyajit Ray movie and about the book The Glass Palace. Other questions included knowledge of Alston company, World’s most extended river cruise, Chameli Devi Jain award and Sultan of Johor cup.

Some candidates found the section slightly on the difficult side however questions were as to be expected in such exams. A score of 8+ can be considered a good score.

Reading Comprehension

This section had 4 passages with three questions from each passage. One passage was regarding Indian state of forest report 2017 which was taken from The Hindu and had absolutely direct questions that did not require any interpretation. Another passage was regarding Russia-Ukraine was taken from India today dated January 23 and this too had quite direct questions including one in the form of match the columns.

One passage talked about India being the third pole which too was taken from India Today dated January 23. One passage regarding Asma Jahangir was a bit different and was taken from Indian Express. Overall, the difficulty level of question was very easy in this section.

Logical reasoning

This section had 12 questions from topics ranging from assertion/reasoning, statement/arguments, statement/conclusion, Venn diagram, differently related words etc. There was a question of odd one out where you had to first unscramble the words and then find the odd one. It required you to have some knowledge regarding blood type and DBT scheme.

This section too can be considered as easy to moderate. A score of 10+ would be a good score.

Analytical reasoning

This section was full of questions that tested candidate’s Quantitative ability. There were questions from Simple Interest, Profit, Average, number series, Speed, Time & Work and Odd one out. There was a question on counting the number of triangles. Profit & Loss, Time & work and series had two questions each.

Overall difficulty of this section was again easy to moderate and a score of 10+ should be the ideal score.

In conclusion it was an easy paper and similar paper is expected for second round which is on 14th May, 2023. Good news is that better score of the two will be considered for merit for candidates appearing in both the tests.

All the best for a shortlist!!