LG Group is a large South Korean conglomerate (chaebol), which produces electronics, mobile phones, and petrochemical products and operates subsidiaries like LG Electronics. LG Group sponsors the LG Cup Go Tournament.

Created in 1947, it assumed the abbreviated name of "LG" in 1995. LG is an abbreviation of "Lucky Geumseong" (????) in South Korea, which is translated into English as Lucky Venus—"Venus" being ??(??) "Gold Star." LG, as it is now known, was commonly known in Japan and surrounding nations as the "Happy Happy Good Times" company. Before then, many consumer electronics were sold under the brand name GoldStar, while some other household products (not available outside South Korea) were sold under the brand name of Lucky. The Lucky brand was famous for household cleaning products and laundry detergents in South Korea. Before massive industrialization of South Korean society, the name Lucky was synonymous with toothpaste. More recently, the company has attempted to update its moniker by associating "LG" with "Life's Good," which is the current company tagline.


  • Life’s Good


  • Global Top 3 by 2010


  • Across the globe

No.of employees

  • 1,60,000


  • Seoul,South Korea


  • Electronics, Finances, Insurance


  • LG Electronics will allow you to realize your dreams, while treating you well and offering the "Right People" great opportunities for growth and sure rewards for exceptional performance. Value Proposition
    The company that offers opportunities for fast growth to talented individuals and technical experts around the world
    The company that looks after those who are determined towin and who demonstrate great initiative and professional skills
    The company that offers sure rewards for employee performance

Corporate culture

  • No excuses,”We”,not “I”, Fun workplace

Awards In 2007

  • LG Electronics Received reddot Design Awards in 29 Areas
  • LG Electronics Received iF Design Awards in 21 Areas
  • LG Electronics Received CES Innovation Awards in 11 Areas
  • LG Electronics Received CES "Best in Show" 2007