Samsung is a global leader in semiconductors, telecommunications, digital media and digital convergence technologies. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics Corporation is the world’s largest producer of Colour Monitors, Colour TVs, Memory Chips and TFT LCD’s. As of April 2011, the Samsung Group comprised 59 unlisted companies and 19 listed companies. Samsung Electronics is the flagship company of SAMSUNG Group. It has assembly plants and sales networks in 61 countries and employs around 221,000 people across the globe.

Samsung Electronics commenced its operations in India in December 1995 and is today a leading provider of Consumer Electronics, IT and Telecom products in the Indian market. Samsung India is the Regional Headquarters for Samsung’s South West Asia operations, which provides employment to over 8,000 employees with around 6,000 employees being involved in R&D. In 2010, Samsung India achieved a sales turnover of US$3.5 billion.

Samsung began operations in India through its manufacturing complex located at Noida (UP), which today houses facilities for Colour Televisions, Mobile Phones, Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Split Air Conditioners categories. Samsung commenced operations of its second state–of-the-art manufacturing complex at Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu in November 2007. Today, the Sriperumbudur facility manufactures Colour televisions, Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machines, Refrigerators and Split Air Conditioners. Samsung India has two R&D Centres in India – at Delhi and Bangalore. While the Delhi R&D Centre develops software solutions for hi-end televisions, the Bangalore R&D Centre works on major projects for Samsung Electronics in the area of telecom, wireless terminals and infrastructure, Networking, SoC (System on Chip) Digital Printing and other multimedia/digital media as well as application software.

Samsung India is a market leader in product categories like LED TVs, LCD TVs, Slim TVs and Side by Side Refrigerators. While it is the second largest mobile handset brand in India, it leads in the smart phone segment in India.


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Leadership Team

  • Founder : Lee Byung-chul
  • Chairman & CEO: Lee Kun-hee
  • Managing Director, Samsung India: B D Park

No. of employees (of SAMSUNG Group)

  • 3,69,000 (year 2011)


  • Seoul, South Korea

Key milestones

  • Founded in 1936

Financial highlights (of Samsung Group)

  • Revenue: $247.5 billion (FY2011) Net Income $ 18.3 billion (FY2011)

Organizational Culture

  • The work culture at Samsung is based on the fundamental belief that employees are its most important asset. Respect and genuine concern for each employee in the organization is the basic principle on which the organization functions. We believe that by giving mutual respect, recognition, trust, open communication, transparency and opportunities for growth, employees will perform to their fullest potential and will be sincere, dedicated and committed to their jobs


  • Mobile Phones, TV, Video, Audio, Information Technology products, Home Appliances


  • Recruitment is considered an extremely important activity at Samsung India since it builds the foundation for the entire intellectual capital of the Company and ensures Quality Culture in the Organization. It is evident that our careful recruitment process has given us an undisputed edge in the competitive world. At Samsung India recruitment is done at Staff, Managerial and Operator Level. For Specialized and Highly technical jobs like Research & Development, we conduct Campus interviews in Institutes like IITs. For recruitment at Staff & Managerial Level, more emphasis is given to the Attitude, Openness, Adaptability & Teamwork capabilities of the candidate along with his job knowledge and relevant skills. Before starting the Recruitment process, HR does a deep analysis of the job requirements and lists down the preferred traits and skills required by the candidate to perform job effectively

Vision Statement

  • The company is committed to being a market-driven solutions provider and leader in digital convergence. With core competencies in semiconductors and CDMA technologies, Samsung Electronics creates digital solutions for homes, mobile users and offices that enable seamless communications facilitate business transactions, access to the internet and offer digital entertainment.

Other information

  • Samsung design centres are located in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Samsung has R&D Centres across the world with 9% of its annual turnover going in as R&D investment every year. Samsung’s global R&D hubs are located in London, Moscow, Israel, Beijing, Korea(6), Japan, US & India(2).