CLAT 2024: Last minute tips for candidates to crack Common Law Admission Test

CLAT 2024: Last minute tips for candidates to crack Common Law Admission Test

CLAT 2024 is already knocking at the doorstep and the last few days are left to put all the hard work and sweat on test. Two hours of paper with 120 Multiple choice questions will determine where you are going to spend five years of your life and later having a secure and successful life ahead in corporate or litigation and an opportunity to be an instrument of change in the society as a lawyer.

Quality of life ahead in best law schools in the country will be decided by your rank in Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) Here are some last-minute tips to help you navigate smoothly through your preparation for CLAT 2024.

CLAT is a paper that tests your speed and accuracy more than anything. Ability to complete 120 questions in 120 minutes with a calm mind is a challenge that a candidate can overcome by practicing as many mocks as possible.

Practice as many mocks as possible based on the latest pattern to find out your strengths and weaknesses. Time management and consistency is the key. Practicing mocks will reveal how much time is required for each section and which section to start with while attempting the paper.

Candidate is required to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses and adopt the strategy accordingly. The candidate must’ve had some idea so far regarding how much time is to be devoted for each section so she must plan to finish the sections accordingly.

It is also important to identify which section to start with first. Although it is not recommended to change any strategy at the last moment, but most candidates prefer starting the paper with the section that they are most comfortable with so that they start the paper on a good note and move ahead confidently. Some prefer starting with the current affairs section as it is one section where a candidate either knows the answer or doesn’t know the answer so it can be completed in shortest time thereby giving sufficient time to focus on time taking sections.

In CLAT 2024 there will be passage based multiple choice questions to test English Language, Current Affairs with General Knowledge, Legal reasoning, Logical reasoning and Quantitative Technique.

Candidates with good reading habits and good vocabulary will find it advantageous on the day of paper. Reading the editorials and relevant columns from newspaper and magazines will serve three-fold purpose - English will improve, candidate will stay updated with current affairs and one will find contemporary legal issues which could be found in the form of passage. Do whatever works for you so that it gets stuck in your mind consciously and unconsciously and even if you do not know the answer to any multiple-choice question you can always make an intelligent guess using your knowledge about other options to eliminate the irrelevant ones. There will be negative markings in the paper so one needs to be very calculated in taking any type of risks.

Tip: One of the strategies that works for most toppers especially is that instead of spending time on reading the complete passage you can start with questions and options followed by that passage so that you do not waste time in reading irrelevant details but focus on only those parts that will help you answer the questions based on that passage. Once you have seen the question your brain will filter out unnecessary details from long passages and you will save time. This works especially in the Current affairs section where passage hardly contains answer to the question asked except when it can be implied. One must be very careful in carrying out this practice.

CLAT does not expect you to know laws in detail but only tests your reasoning ability to infer from the given passage. Everything is out in the open you just need the ability to read between the lines. It’s always good to learn basic laws to get familiar with the kind of passages that you can expect. No matter what the passage is about you should not be distracted by jargon and be confident in eliminating the vague and irrelevant options to arrive at the answer. Only way to master this skill is to practice, practice and some more practice.

Quant is nothing but your class 10 level mathematics with minimum weightage in Law Entrance Exams. If you are good at math, it’s a bonus and even otherwise there is not much to lose.

Just follow these rules.

  • Practice as many mocks as possible
  • Read the question with calm mind
  • Look at all the options carefully
  • Eliminate vague options
  • Go to the passage to seek answer.
  • Time management and speed is the key

Rest assured that you will have awesome five years of your life in a law school of your choice and a promising future. All the best.