Our courseware ensures a comprehensive coverage of all the test areas of CMAT. Well researched material covers all the basic concepts, short-cuts, strategies and includes a lot of solved examples to help you understand the basics of each area. Moreover, our courseware would also help our students in their preparation for other management entrance exams such as SNAP, NMAT and ATMA. A large number of sectional tests help you evaluate your learning and performance in a given range of topics.

Our study material and mock test papers are prepared after a careful and in-depth analysis of the actual CMAT paper and hence reflect the level of difficulty which is close to the actual test.

The course structure comprises:

  1. Basic Training:
    This module helps you develop basic knowledge and skills for all the areas that are tested in CMAT. The fundamental concepts are taught in great detail for each topic. This is followed by practice exercises to deeply integrate fundamental concepts and help you quickly approach and tackle difficult questions.
  2. Area-wise Testing:
    This module tests your skills through individual test papers in each area. You will be able to identify the sections and areas in which you are weak and receive additional guidance for improvement.
  3. Comprehensive Tests:
    These tests help you to build stamina, help time management and help you to build that key strategic skill of attempting only the easier questions while leaving the difficult ones out!
  4. All-India Mock CMATs:
    A series of 10 All-India Mock CMAT test will be conducted replicating the format and environment of the CMAT exam. Most of these tests will be in the online format giving the students an exposure to all the possible formats of a computer based test. We have been pioneers in the online testing arena and our students benefit from our vast experience in setting and conducting online tests.

The feedback and analysis of these All-India mocks are done in a comprehensive manner and include:

  • Performance in each section and each test area with percentage and percentile scores, center rank and All-India rank
  • Question-wise analysis including time spent, feedback on difficulty level of each question
  • All-India comparative performance and toppers list
  • Comparison of your performance across All-India mocks
  • Snapshot page that gives you a complete picture of how you have fared across questions of varying difficulty levels.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of each paper.

Our centers across the country are managed and run by a team of highly qualified professionals, a number of whom are alumni of top management institutes such as the IIMs, XLRI. We also have doctorates, postgraduates and graduates from IITs and other reputed institutes who form an integral part of the team.

With years of training experience, our teachers have mastered the skill of bringing the best out of each student. Throughout the course, they help the students identify their strengths and weaknesses and groom them to improve their performances. The thoroughness in approach ensures that the quality of the inputs provided to the students at all T.I.M.E. centers across the country is nothing short of the best.

The T.I.M.E. Advantage


  • Individual Attention: You will be able to clear your doubts in class, thanks to a conscious decision to ask all faculty members to address difficulties on the spot. You can also discuss your performance and preparation plan with faculty members on an individual basis.
  • Doubt-Clearing Sessions: We also conduct regular doubt clearing sessions at our offices.
  • Personal Counselling and Guidance: One-on-one sessions are held to help you fine-tune your approach and strategy. You will also be assisted in selecting the management institutes you wish to apply to and the filling up application forms.


  • Special seminars and Audio / Video sessions are held on a number of topics that are critical to your selection into a top management institute.
  • Economics Basics: You are taught basic concepts and issues related to the economy.
  • Test-taking Strategies: This session will help you build a successful strategy for tackling any entrance exam and help you maximise your scores in the given duration of the exam.
  • Institute Selection: This session deals with selecting the management institutes that you would want to apply to within your budget.
  • AIM-CMAT Analysis Seminars

Rich Resources

The website hosts and supports discussion groups where MBA aspirants discuss approaches, apprehensions and trends relevant to their preparation.

Student Home Page

A customised home page is provided for each student on, through which the student can take online Practice Tests, online AIM-CMATs and online Mock CMATs. This student portal has links to resources which are critical to one's preparation for CMAT. Analysis of AIM-CMATs, links to RC passages and Word-A-day are some of the key resources that are accessible to a student. A list of top institutes in India is also provided.

CMAT Centers @ T.I.M.E.

Ahmedabad Aurangabad Baroda Belgaum
Bhopal Bilaspur Chandigarh Chennai
Chhindwara Cochin Coimbatore Dehradun
Delhi Erode Guwahati Indore
Jabalpur Jaipur Jalandhar Jodhpur
Kannur Karnal Kolkata Kollam
Kota Kottayam Kozhikode Lucknow
Mumbai Nagpur Pondicherry Prayagraj (Allahabad)
Ranchi Rourkela Salem Solapur
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