Clothes with full Sleeves, Shoes not allowed for CGL 2017 Exam

SSC has released a notice informing the candidates about the list of items that the candidates should NOT carry with him / her into the examination hall.

  • PROHIBITED ITEMS : Watches, books, pens, paper chits, magazines, electronic gadgets (mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, head phones, pen/buttonhole cameras, scanner, calculator, storage devices etc) are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED in the examination lab.
  • Pen/pencil and paper for rough work would be provided in the examination lab. Electronic watch (timer) will be available on the computer screen allotted to the candidates.
  • Candidates should not wear charms, veil, items containing metals such as ring, bracelet, earrings, nose-pin, chains, necklace, pendants, badge, brooch, hair pin, hair band, clothes with full sleeves or big buttons, etc. Candidates are advised to wear open footwear like chappal, floater, instead of shoes as the candidates would be asked to remove shoes by the frisking staff.