SBI Clerk Prelim 2018 Analysis (23rd June - Slot 1)

The analysis of SBI Clerk 2018 Prelim exam held on 23rd June 2018 – Slot 1 is presented below. The section wise time limt is introduced for the first time in SBI Clerk exam.

Snapshot of the Exam:

Test Area No of questions Duration
Numerical Ability 35 Questions 20 Mins
Reasoning Ability 35 Questions 20 Mins
English Language 30 Questions 20 Mins
Total no. of Questions 100 Qs 60 Mins
  • No of choices per question – 5
  • Negative marking: 0.25 of the marks assigned to each question

The analysis of the above mentioned session, as reported by our students, is given below:

Numerical Ability:

According to the feedback received from students who appeared for this exam, this section can be rated as easy to moderate.

The questions on Simplifications can be rated as easy. There were 5 questions each on Data Interpretation, Quadratic Comparisons and Data Comparisons. Data comparisons, which is generally asked in main exam, found its place in this slot of the prelim exam.

The 5 questions on Number series are easy to solve.. Individual questions in this section comprised of the topics – Profit & Loss, Partnership, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Simple & Compound Interest and Mensuration etc..

A student could therefore, solve around 15-17 questions in approximately 20 minutes if he chose judiciously.

Topic No. of Questions
Data Interpretation (Pie chart) 5
Number Series (Missing number) 5
Simplifications 8 - 10
Quadratic Comparisons 5
Data Comparisons 5
Individual Questions (Profit & Loss, Partnership, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Mensuration, Simple and Compound Interest) 5 - 7


This section has been given an 'Moderate' tag.

There were no questions on Deductions. The topic on Sequence drew 5 questions. Set of numbers were three in number.

There were 3 puzzles, one each on linear arrangements, comparisons and distribution. Puzzles were moderate but more long-drawn than other questions. Thus, almost 16 - 18 questions could possibly be solved in 20 minutes in this section.

The topic -wise split, as reported by our students, is as given below:

Topic No of Qs
Circular Arrangement 5
Linear Arrangement 5
Distributions 5
Coding - Decoding 2
Set of numbers 3
Sequence 5
Data Sufficiency 3
Blood Relations 3
Direction Sense 2
Ranking 2

English Language :

This section too was along expected lines and can be rated as easy to moderate.

There was a lone RC passage with a total of ten questions and was easy.

There were 10 questions on Grammar. 5 questions each on error identification and Phrase Replacement and were easy to moderate.

Unlike in recent bank exams, there were no new question types in this section.

Thus, about 15-18 questions in the English section could easily be solved in 20 minutes.

The break-up of the questions is as follows:

Topic No of Questions Difficulty level
Reading Comprehension 10 Easy - Moderate
Error Identification 5 Easy - Moderate
Phrase Replacement 5 Easy - Moderate
Sentence Rearrangement 5 Moderate
FIB 5 Easy

Over all, the difficulty level of the paper can be rated as Easy to Moderate.