Online Compiler & Debugger (C, C++, Java & Python)

Coding is an important section in many of the exams -like TCS National Qualifier Test (NQT), Wipro, IBM etc. Usually, there is one question(on coding/programming) for which you have to write a code in any one of the programming languages -C, C++, Java, Pyhton. Time duration to write the code is usually 20 mins. There is NO Negative marking.

Some sample coding tasks have been provided below. Here are some details regarding the coding tasks.

  1. The coding task consists of one question.
  2. You may choose your preferred language from 4 programming languages - C, C++, Java and Python.
  3. Once you click on the coding task, there is a text area where you are expected to code. The code in the text area will be the one taken for evaluation and you will have to ensure that the text area contains the code you wish to submit.
  4. You may test the code with any input of your choice. Problem description will include details of some public test cases and some private test cases. A public test case is one whose test input, expected output and actual output are displayed. In contrast, a private test case is one whose details are not revealed.
  5. For every test case (public or private) being successfully run, marks will be awarded. If the program is NOT run for a particular test case, marks will NOT be awarded for that corresponding test case.