IBPS Clerk 2020 Final result Out !! Vacancies up by 5600+ !!

IBPS has released the final result, cutoff details and allotment details of Clerk X. The online Main Examination was held in Feb 2021. The Closure date for checking the result is 30.04.2021. Offer of appointment will be issued by the allotted Participating Organisation in due course. Candidates may approach the respective organisation only after hearing from the said organisation. Offer of appointment is solely the decision of Participating Organisation and IBPS has no role here.

The tentative vacancies announced by participating organisations under CWE Clerks` X (2020-21) as mentioned in the notification released in 2020 were 1557. At a later date, IBPS issued a notification, where the vacancies were increased by 1000 and the total posts available were 2557.But, the number of final allotments that were done after the final result was out, are 8163, an increase of 5606 vacancies !!

IBPS has also released the maximum and minimum scores (online Main Examination score out of 100) and total number of vacancies (bank-wise & category wise). In the event of two or more candidates having obtained the same score, the merit order is decided as per date of birth ( candidate senior in age is placed before the candidate junior in age) A list of candidates ( post wise in Registration number order) provisionally allotted will be displayed on IBPS website on or before 01.05.2021

Maximum and Minimum Scores (Online Main Examination out of 100):

Maximum Scores (Online Main Examination out of 100) - CRP - Clerks-X (Annexure to Notification dated 01.04.2021)


Minimum scores (online Main Examination out of 100) - CRP-Clerks-X (Annexure to Notification dated 01.04.2021)



Reserve List :

  • A reserve list to the extent of approximately 10 percent of the vacancies under each category has been kept, subject to the availability of candidates. This does not guarantee allotment to/recruitment by the Participating Organisation(s).
  • In the event of Participating Organisations providing vacancies during April 2021-March 2022, provisional allotment will be carried out for the candidates in the reserve list. However if no vacancy is furnished by the Participating Organisations owing to exigencies or otherwise during the validity period the candidates under the reserve list will not be considered for allotment.
  • The reserve list will expire automatically on 31.03.2022 without any notice.
  • Candidates who are not provisionally allotted or not in the reserve list will not be considered for any further process under CWE Clerks IX for vacancies of 2021-22

RESERVE LIST (subject to vacancies of 2021-22 & availability of candidates)