Analysis of RRB Office Assistant Prelim exam

It has been reported that the online RRB Office Assistant Prelim examination held on 14th August 2021 (Slot 3) was easy in terms of difficulty level.

A snapshot of the prelim exam is given below.

Duration of Exam 45 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 40 QS
Reasoning Ability 40 QS
Total Qs 80 QS

An analysis of the above-mentioned session, as reported by our students, is given below.

Numerical Ability:

According to the feedback received from our students who appeared for this exam, this section can be rated as easy to moderate.

There were twelve questions on DI (six questions each on Table and Bar graph). The questions on DI were easy to solve.

Individual questions in this section were based on topics like Ages, Simple and Compound interest, Time and Work, Time and Distance (Trains), Averages, Mixtures & Alligations, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Partnership, Mensuration etc. Students have informed us that these questions were a combo of easy and moderate ones. One needed a good command on fundamentals to attempt these questions successfully.

There were five questions on missing number series and ten questions on Simplifications. The questions based on Simplifications and missing number series were easy to solve.

Topic No. of Questions
Data Interpretation (Table and Bar graph) 12
Number Series (Missing number) 5
Simplifications 10
Individual Quant Questions 13

Reasoning Ability:

This section has been tagged as 'easy to moderate'.

There were fifteen questions on Puzzles (Circular Arrangement (Six persons, all facing inside), Month and Dates based puzzle (Six persons - three months – two dates), Days related puzzle (7 topics – 7 days)). The questions based on Puzzles can be labelled as easy in terms of difficulty level.

There were four questions each on Syllogisms and Symbols Notations and five questions each on Alpha Numeric Series and Set of numbers. All these questions were easy to crack.

Topic No of Qs
Symbols & Notations (Inequalities) 4
Syllogisms (Deductions) 4
Blood Relations 3
Alpha Numeric Sequence 5
Set of Numbers 5
Miscellaneous 4
Circular Arrangement (Six persons, all facing inside) 5
Month and Dates based puzzle (Six persons - three months – two dates) 5
Days related puzzle (7 topics – 7 days) 5

Overall, the paper can be rated as easy to moderate and 65+ considered as good number of attempts.