B-School Profile of S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai

A private graduate business school situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) was founded by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1981. It stands on a 45-acre campus in Mumbai's western suburb, Andheri. The institute has various management programs with an annual intake of about 700 students. Its first program is the two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).

History of the institution

This institute started small as an extension of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at Andheri, Mumbai. In 1981, it was inaugurated by erstwhile British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It was named after the person who financed the institute in its formative years, Sahu Shreyans Prasad Jain of the Sahu Jain family. After the Sahu Jain family stopped financing the institution, it broke away from Bombay University to become autonomous in matters of curriculum designing and teaching styles. In 1981, when this institution came into being, it was ranked No. 3 among all Mumbai's business schools.

Today, SPJIMR has three international campuses in Dubai (2004), Singapore (2006) and Sydney (2012). They run under the names of S. P. Jain Center of Management and S P Jain School of Global Management. Since 1994–95, SPJIMR has taken the top slots among all business school rankings in India and those of the Asia Pacific region.

List of full-time MBA programs offered

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) - Two-year, full-time MBA
  • Post Graduate Programme in Management(PGPM) - One-year, full-time MBA
  • Global Management Programme (GMP) - 6 months GMP + 6 - 18 months MBA/MS from partner school in Europe or U.S.
  • Post Graduate Management Programme for Women (PGMPW) - an 11-months, full-time management programme for women aspiring to return to the workforce.
  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) - a full-time doctoral programme--a four to five years' program

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM): SPJIMR accepts students with CAT/XAT/GMAT scores.   

Eligibility: Candidates should have a bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized Indian university, adhering to the 10+2+3 system. Students in the final year of graduation and who meet all other criteria of application, may also apply. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply just as those with five years' work experience. However, work experience is not mandatory for this course. 

Selection procedure: While applying for this course, candidates should choose two specializations.  Those applicants who do not get shortlisted for the first option can be considered for the second. Based on the candidates' profiles, they are divided into two shortlists--first phase and second phase. Applicants who make it to the first shortlist obviously have strong profiles. The second shortlist is based on candidates' profiles and their scores in the entrance tests. Shortlisted candidates of both shortlists must go through two rounds of group interviews. The final merit list will comprise the candidate's academic record, entrance test scores, relevant work experience and performance in the two interview rounds. 

Total intake: This program accommodates 240 students. An extra 36 seats are set aside for PIO/OCI and Foreign Nationals. This takes the total tally up to 276 seats.

Tuition fees: The PGDM costs as fees 1,625,000 per year. 

Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM): For admission, candidates must apply with their CAT/XAT/GMAT scores.

Eligibility: Candidates applying for this program must be graduates in any discipline from a recognized Indian or foreign university, secured in full-time mode. They should also have at least five years' work experience. For eligibility, candidates must have a good academic record, participated in extra-curricular activities and have proven interests in other areas, besides any other accomplishments.

Selection procedure: Candidates will be shortlisted based on their scores in the CAT/XAT/GMAT exams and on their profiles. Next, a personal interview will be held for shortlisted candidates. Based on their performance, they will go into the last round which will decide the final selection. 

The parameters for the final selection include candidates' CAT/XAT/GMAT scores, their past academic performance, their clear-cut career plans, and compelling reasons for taking this program, among others. 

Total intake: For domestic students, the number of seats is 240. A further 36 seats have been allotted to PIO/OCI and foreign nationals, taking the total up to 276.

Tuition fees: The fees for this course stands at 1,625,000. This does not include food, personal travel or personal expenses. 

Global Management Programme (GMP): Candidates can apply along with their CAT/XAT/GMAT/ GRE scores.   

Eligibility: Graduates in any discipline from recognized universities in India or abroad can apply, if achieved in a full-time mode. They can also apply with their CA/CS/ICWA scores, aggregate scores of Intermediate course or final year marks in percentages. They also need to have two years' experience with ESB and at least three years' experience with NBU, IESEG and EBS. Freshers may also apply.

Selection procedure: Candidates are selected based upon their profiles, experience and scores in the CAT/XAT/GMAT/GRE examinations. Those shortlisted will be invited to an interview and group discussion round. After the interview, the final results will be published. 

Total intake: The total intake of students for this program is 80. 

Tuition fees: The cost of this program is 520,000 for two years.

Post Graduate Management Programme for Women (PGMPW): This 11-month course is specifically designed for women who wish to return to the workforce after taking a career break. To apply for this program, candidates should send in their Online Aptitude Test scores.   

Eligibility: Eligible candidates should have a bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized university. Along with that, they should also have work experience of at least five years. If they have handled teams in this period, they will be given greater consideration. They should not have had a career break exceeding two years. They also need to submit their GMAT/NMAT/CAT/XAT scores.

Selection procedure: Candidates will have to take an online aptitude test, a written essay, participate in a group interview and finally go in for a personal interview for final selection. 

Tuition fees: The fees for the 2018 batch is 973,500/- (or 825,000/- plus 18% GST). This includes admission fee, tuition fee, development fee and placement service fee.

Fellow Programme in Management (FPM): This is a full-time doctoral program, which runs for four to five years. It is AICTE-approved during which scholars do cutting-edge research. They participate in rigorous debates in seminars and prepare their dissertation under the guidance of their mentors. They are exposed to internationally renowned scholars from prestigious institutes which broadens their mental horizons and develops them into consultants and academics to reckon with.

Eligibility: Candidates should have at least one of the following to apply:

  1. A Master's degree in any discipline, with a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent GPA (with a bachelor's degree/ equivalent qualification with at least 50 percent marks.
  2. Five year or four-year Integrated Master's Degree program in any discipline, with a minimum of 55% marks.

iii. A professional qualification such as CA, ICWA or CS, with at least 55% marks.

  1. A 4-year/8-semester Bachelor's degree with at least 60% marks or equivalent GPA.

Selection procedure: Based on candidates' academic qualifications, profiles, recommendations and personal motivation, candidates are shortlisted. Shortlisted candidates are called to attend a personal interview. They will be asked to present a critique of a practice-oriented paper in his/her area of interest and present it.

On being granted admission to the program, students will have to pay 2,000 admission fees and 10,000 as caution money. They will receive as support for the first four years:

40,000 per month during the Coursework Phase

42,000 after passing the exam

45,000 per month after clearing the proposal defence

25,000 per month towards all expenses for research expenses, stationery costs, etc.

For any further information, students may contact:

The Registrar

  1. P. Jain Institute of 

Management and Research (SPJIMR) 

Bhavan's Campus

Munshi Nagar, Dadabhai Road,

Andheri West, Mumbai - 400 058, India

Tel: +91-22-2623-0396/ 2401; +91-22-2623-7454

Fax: +91-22-26237042

Website: www.spjimr.org

Facilities provided

SPJIMR provides a thrilling and exciting environment for young minds to listen, learn and absorb all that they come across. This gives them a distinct edge over their peers in other institutions. 

Here are all the facilities they enjoy while on the campus:

Campus: The SPIJMR campus sprawls over a huge expanse of 45 acres in Andheri West, Mumbai. Since Mumbai is the life beat of the finance world in India, it helps management students to be part of that very atmosphere where things happen every moment. This vibrant city enriches our students in myriad ways, while our campus atmosphere gives them an all-round education they can be proud of. 

SPJIMR's campus is modern and has all the conveniences of an international educational institute.  The campus comprises several renovated buildings which boast classrooms, learning centres, the library, IT Centre, Amphitheatre and Executive Training Centre. It also has a sophisticated art studio replete with video equipment and 24x7 wireless connection. 

Students imbibe education here through a variety of pedagogic methods, such as case studies, field trips, group discussions and seminars. There is also a lake, a botanical garden, a Yog Kutir and an Institute of Holistic Health Sciences on the campus, apart from cultural, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Cafetarias and a canteen on the campus serve healthy and affordably-priced food.   

Connectivity: The campus is very near the Andheri Sports Complex and to restaurants, recreation areas, shopping malls, hospitals and related medical centres. It is also well-connected to Andheri's well-developed rail hub, and to the large express highways. 

Classrooms: To match the needs of the classroom programs, students attend class either in a stepped up room or a levelled one. All classrooms are equipped with computers, wireless presenters, audio-visual tools and multimedia projectors. 

Library: The institute has a large collection of books, newspapers, magazines, offline and online journals, databases, CDs and DVDs. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Hostels: The hostels here are fully equipped with air-conditioning, attached baths and Wi-Fi. They are also fitted with a fridge, TV and microwave oven on each floor. There's a common room for indoor games on each floor where one can watch TV or play table tennis. Coffee vending machines and washing machines are also available here. All hostel rooms are networked and students remain networked through a 24x7 Internet facility, and the institute's intranet called SPINX and messaging apps. 

Laboratory: The college has a well-equipped computer lab with several computers that work with high speed Internet.

Outdoor facilities: For sports and entertainment, SPJIMR presents an Open Air Theatre, several playing fields and jogging tracks. Students can play cricket, football and other games of their choice on the large grounds here. The college also has jogging tracks.

Extra-curricular facilities: The Events Committee organizes several events, besides stage plays. 

Quality of faculty team: SPJIMR provides a challenging and enriching environment that spurs faculty members to pursue the path of excellence in their niche areas of interest. Several faculty members are thought leaders and provide great inspiration and mental stimulation to the students. 

Tie-ups with other foreign institutions: SPJIMR has tie-ups with 15 internationally renowned institutes. Students regularly go abroad to these institutes on an exchange basis and come back refreshed with fresh insights. This has served to be a great catalyst in students' lives.

Placement facility provided: This year's average salary was 22.24 lakhs per annum, as against . 20.9 lakhs in 2017. This bears out the fact that this institute churns out the best students in the industry who get snapped up by corporates very quickly. Besides, this year there were 47 additional recruiters on the institute's campus, proving yet again that this institute brings out exceptional talent year after year.

The verdict: This institute aims to provide the best in academic and non-academic instruction that will hold its every student in good stead wherever he or she may go.