IIMs feature among the TOP 100 B-schools in Financial Times Rankings

Financial Times B-school rankings, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the Industry has come out with this year’s rankings of B-schools.

IIMs which are arguably the best B-schools in India have done exceedingly well in Financial Times rankings for 2019.

IIM Calcutta has secured 17th rank in the rankings. IIM Ahmedabad followed with 21 rank, while IIM Bangalore ended up with 44th rank. IIM Udaipur secured 76th rank and IIM Indore finished with 81st rank.

The IIMs which have been the tourch bearers among the B-schools in terms of standard of teaching and placements, have done exceedingly well this year also. The extraordinary Final Placements for their 2017-19 MBA batches bears testimony to this. While IIM Indore’s batch secured an average salary of 20.7 lacs p.a. IIM Bangalore placed its MBA batch at an average salary of 24.5 lacs p.a. IIM Ahmedabad secured an average domestic salary of 25.8 lacs p.a., where as IIM Calcutta secured an average salary of 25.3 Lacs p.a.

Apart from the lucractive placements, IIMs continue to be best B-schools in India due to their high quality selection process, which ensures that only the most deserving of the applicants make it through, very good set of faculty, brand value and extremely high quality alumni base.

The Financial Times rankings for this year only goes on to validate the faith that MBA aspirants have in the IIMs.