CAT 2017 Question paper & Key made available by the IIMs

In a surprising yet progressive and welcome move, the IIMs have made the CAT 2017 question papers available along with their answer keys. Further, students have been provided with an option to raise objections to any question(s) for which the students disagree with the answer(s) provided by the authorities.

The rules for raising objections are as below.

  • There is a fee of Rs.1000 per objection. This Objection fee (excluding transaction charges) will be refunded in case the objection is found valid by the expert panel.
  • There is no limit on the number of questions that one can raise objections against.
  • If an objection raised by a candidate is found to be valid, the remedial measures taken by IIMs will be applicable to all the candidates and not just the candidate who has raised the objection.

The question paper is available on the student login on The paper of only the slot in which the candidate has taken the test will only be available.

Facility to raise objections is also available on the student login.

We believe that this step by the IIMs will bring a lot of transparency into the CAT exam process and will go a long way in building confidence in the students' minds about the exam.