Section 1: Verbal and Logical Ability

The Verbal and Logical Ability section was a mixed bag of moderately easy/difficult and difficult questions. There were 2 questions based on a poem which had appeared in a TIME AIM XAT test for XAT 2020.

The Vocab-based questions were not challenging.

RC passages were not difficult to follow and they were of shorter length than those of last year. But the RC questions involved a lot of critical thinking.

The breakup of the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension segments is as below:


The Verbal Ability segment had a total of 11 questions

Area No. of questions Difficulty Level
Error Identification in 6 sentences (Identify the incorrect sentences) 1 Easy
Grammatically correct sentence 1 Moderate
Paracompletion (Cloze Test) with 3 blanks 2 Moderate
Critical Reasoning 6 Moderate Difficult
Parajumbles 2 Difficult

Of the five Critical Reasoning questions, two could surely be attempted without going wrong.

Of the two Para Formation questions, one was easy (the answer options could be used to arrive at the right order) while the other had lengthy sentences and it was relatively challenging to spot the logical connections between the sentences. One of the two should have been surely attempted without going wrong.

Both the Cloze passages could be attempted with the help of the thought flow of the context itself without going wrong.

The Critical Reasoning questions tested the candidate on "Intent of the speaker", Inferences and Relationship between studies. These CR question types on the XAT resembled the GMAT CR question types.

B) Reading Comprehension

There were four RC passages, each having three questions.

There was a poem of having two questions. TIME AIMXAT (OMET1002007) had the same poem verse which appeared in the XAT 2020.

Area No. of questions Difficulty Level
Poem verse from "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost 2 Moderate
RC Passage on "The more we consume, the hungrier we get" 3 Difficult
RC Passage on "Sense of self" 3 Difficult
RC Passage on "Meaningless or pointless jobs" 3 Difficult
RC Passage on "The Postmodern Condition by Jean-Francois Lyotard" 3 Very Difficult

The poem posed an Inference question. The second question based on the poem was "Which will not serve as a title to the poem?"

Three of the RC passages had mainly inference based questions and vocabulary based questions i.e. explanation or implication of a term.

One of the passages "Sense of self" had a further application question in addition to inference questions.

The cut-off in this section is expected to be around 8 marks for XLRI Bm (Male candidates).